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Starting in Melbourne, Australia in the mid 80s, Ülex Xane began a number of extreme noise projects released mostly on cassette and distributed through the tape networks up to the early 90s. The original cassettes are now sought after collectors items. Streicher utilise a mix of total noise / power noise with covert military recordings, military equipment, radar signals, military telecommunication signals. It is a stark…

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  • zoinks
  • Don't care about the politics, however, War Without End is a masterpiece of harsh concrete art.
  • In any case, as ill-conceived as we may agree Streicher's point of view is, consistency is not a worthwhile measure for any human system of thought. All ideologies and belief systems, even those striving to be completely uniform, contain a mixture of seemingly-irreconcilable ideas, and that is a source of strength just as much as a source of weakness.
  • To BananasABC: various strands of anarchism (Proudhon, Stirner, radical syndicalism) have influenced and been utilized by fascist and radical-nationalist thought since the very beginnings- a major component of Mussolini's early Fascist movement came out of the radical anarcho-syndicalist movement of Italy. Also note French clerical fascist Charles Maurras' involvement with syndicalist/communist theorist Georges Sorel in the "Cercle Proudhon" think group. German author Ernst Junger (very influential to modern fascists and radical nationalists) espoused his own blend of fascist-esque national-syndicalism with a strong component of mystical Stirnerite individualism- I believe his quote was "the anarch is to the anarchist what the monarch is to the monarchist".
  • nice music, silly image
  • You don't have to do much to piss off an "intellectual". Just say that they are wrong. It is like a blasphemy
  • http://www.last.fm/music/Murha+Surma
  • Why would you put stirnerite anarchism and white power nationalism in the same sentence unless you are trying to piss off intellectuals. Totally contradictory.
  • best logo
  • The logo doesn't look too bad when it's black and white, but the color version looks so tacky, like it'd be on the cover of some no-budget PC game from the mid-90s.

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