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  • gokunirvana

    Really awesome track! I'm glad there's a song like this for those dark and difficult days.

    October 2014
  • PinkFloydrulez


    April 2014
  • testicon

    my feels....

    April 2014
  • ndaynan

    Can not wait until they come to Chicago!

    July 2013
  • JackLksMacarana

    This song has everything it's like every style ('side death growling) that I like IN ONE FRIGGING SONG! sorry I got excited.

    May 2013
  • SkaPunk4


    March 2013
  • GusAbreu

    I wouldn't say this is the best Streetlight song, but it sure has the best lyrics.

    March 2013
  • agentsoul

    Probably my favorite song of all time.

    January 2013
  • m0l0ch13

    fun music

    November 2012
  • fluffygrue


    October 2012
  • AreteKleos

    Easily the best song they have ever written and probably the best song I have heard about suicide ever. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant and heartfelt. I can't get enough.

    August 2012
  • fabbber

    Agree with you operation. And this song for me is the best of SM, and one of the best songs i've ever listened.

    August 2012
  • operation_ivy13

    one of the most beautiful songs about suicide i've ever heard. dont wanna find her full name followed by dates, you're known by everyone for everything you've done.

    July 2012
  • mcrawford42

    running in place with the stars on my back.

    June 2012
  • TheInexplicable

    @Count_Blah Hey, meet me in an abandoned building with that noose. Also, bring a chair. You jackass. xD

    June 2012
  • Salimatu


    April 2012
  • dragnfreake

    @Count_Blah You can use that noose for yourself if you want, because nobody likes people like you.

    November 2011
  • toucan1ce

    awesome tune really hits the soul getting ready to party

    September 2011
  • JerryZucchini

    @Count_Blah well fuck you

    September 2011
  • Count_Blah

    p.s. message if anyone is ever in need of a noose.

    August 2011
  • Count_Blah

    Wow, this songs sucks cocks.

    August 2011
  • TheDragon6

    so fucking great

    August 2011
  • justinb6003

    Til right now, I did NOT like these guys at all (nor Big D at the kids table). This is decent though

    June 2011
  • thclizard

    These guys just speak to my soul. Love to hear them, instantly makes my heart pump faster and my adrenaline explodes! Fucking great stuff!

    June 2011
  • HeroGothamNeeds

    This track is so .... relevant

    April 2011
  • ElmntEarth1

    so much emotion packed into words guitars and trombones

    April 2011
  • Dandalore

    powerful stuff

    March 2011
  • alakazam9891

    this blows my mind even now

    February 2011
  • yourmom10

    This songs is fuckin awesome, a masterpiece!!!!

    November 2010
  • branchong

    takes me back to highschool. such a powerful ska song. very important music for people.

    October 2010
  • samlakerkb

    total anti-suicide

    October 2010
  • clutnuckle

    Pretty much their only song worth anything

    October 2010
  • celexicdream

    Yeah this is saving my life, currently.

    October 2010
  • GR1ZZL4Y

    song is so addicting..

    October 2010
  • henryheimlich

    Great tune to sing along to.

    September 2010
  • Poopmuffin

    Damn those horns are awesome

    September 2010
  • se_esa_paz

    This song saved my girlfriend's life. She was about to kill herself, gun in hand and everything. I had written the lyrics on her pillow and they caught her eye so, she heard the song in her head. She put the gun on the pillow and called me instead. I am eternally grateful for Streetlight.

    August 2010
  • doglover8

    this song has changed my life

    August 2010
  • itsme-justme


    August 2010
  • GiantsOrDwarves

    Streetlight truly does write some amazing music, it's a shame most of my friends can't seem to get past the horns...

    July 2010
  • Sithacide

    Yarr at Chilifunk, I know a couple people who have reason and meaning in Streetlight.

    June 2010
  • Chilifunk

    I guarantee this song has saved a life...

    June 2010
  • kenneh09

    one of the greatest songs ever made

    May 2010
  • ewemily

    Best Streetlight song evar.

    April 2010
  • TMax90

    agreed, full of win

    April 2010
  • mikecini

    x'D <3 so much win!!

    April 2010
  • RichKR

    @TheHighwaySong No argument from me. :)

    April 2010
  • sammyjaneee

    I extremely agree with Chaosweave144. This song cheers me up everytime I hear it. Probably my favorite Streetlight song, I love love love it.

    January 2010
  • Chaosweaver144

    Awesome "don't kill yourself plox" song.

    December 2009
  • boumalhab

    Best ska song. Ever.(2)

    December 2009