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Added by Victory Records on 9 Jun 2011
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  • Gwynbleiddsfang

    Tomas is one of the nicest frontmen I've ever seen so no he didn't force them

    19 Apr 2013 Reply
  • sobernuts

    This is an awkward photo. Change it

    3 Apr 2013 Reply
  • Midgetto52

    "Added by Victory Records" lel

    20 Oct 2012 Reply
  • kawaiikoala

    I'm pretty sure he's not that tall, probably just messed about with perspective and stuff.

    18 Apr 2012 Reply
  • GusAbreu

    I don't think so. Tomas seems to be a very nice guy.

    12 Feb 2012 Reply
  • henryheimlich

    Why are you guys saying Tomas is a control freak and that he forced them to wear the clothes? I am not trying to argue, I just got curious, is he really like that?

    16 Jan 2012 Reply
  • wills316

    fuck, how tall is tomas!?

    23 Nov 2011 Reply
  • pammelo

    He forced them to wear those clothes

    19 Sep 2011 Reply
  • timmycbc

    This is a great default. Perfectly depicts how tomas tells everybody what to do all the time and always need to be the center of attention

    30 Aug 2011 Reply
  • Astragaloman

    Yeah, that man towers over everything. Imagine having him in front of you, on top of a 4 foot stage. Biggest neck strain of my life.

    20 Aug 2011 Reply
  • SupahShadow


    10 Jun 2011 Reply
  • GreyOysterCult

    he's really really tall

    10 Jun 2011 Reply
  • Lyght

    Victory sucks.

    10 Jun 2011 Reply