• Be negative about your top 20.

    24 Nov 2007, 07:51 by HUGSandDRUGS

    1. Brand New- Jesse, stop being camera shy dammit. Vinnie, I will Photoshop you and Jesse's face on some gross beastiality photo. And why didn't your band play anything off YFW the last time I saw you?
    2. Circa Survive - I can't talk smack about them. But Anthony, how do you hit higher notes than I can?
    3. Fear Before The March Of Flames - Ahh, why the fuck did you guys have to play before Ours? I have yet to see the new Fear Before because last last time Dave got his smashed in at SOMA. Oh, and every time I've racked a line in my room, it's off Art Damage and I listen to Should Have Stayed in the Shallows. So stop provoking me to do cocaine, seriously.
    4. Say Anything - Your new album sucks, I'm sorry.
    5. Spitalfield - If you guys loved LA so much, you wouldn't have broken up. And "I hate the way she said LA." -Heather
    6. The Format - I still can't remember why Sam mentioned Scary Kids Scaring Kids. And your tour manager eats some weird chips.
  • A Slow Descent

    6 Aug 2007, 20:54 by lew2003uk

    This song is my most favourite song in the world ever. Not many artists convey as much emotion in their songs as Straylight Run, and A Slow Descent I believe is them at their best. It's such an emotionally powerful song.

    I'm tired
    Cynical and broken, but wiser
    Heavy with a sense of resentment
    But I used to be so much different
    I used to have so much faith
    When I started
    You knew that I always meant it
    I knew I could make a difference
    I struggled to be heard
    And then finally, one day people started listening
    And I knew it
    But as soon as it began it was ruined
    A slow descent from unique to routine
    Over and over
    "Just do it again and this time with feeling"
    The spotlight
    The focus on the friends and the feelings
    That made those stupid songs all worth singing
    And don't you say a word
    Unless you're pretty sure that you want it analyzed
    So we drove
    For what seemed like days
    Over roads
    And four lane highways
    We said all we had to say
    And I realized in time that it didn't mean anything
  • music i've been listening to lately.

    5 Jun 2007, 09:06 by stitcheduplove

    just a little snipit of the artists and album i have been playing over and over on my ipod. both in the car and at home. this list probably goes back at least 6 months.

    Brand New-The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
    Straylight Run-Prepare to Be Wrong
    Justin Timberlake
    At the Drive-In
    portugal the man

    so, going off of this information i'm looking for (GOOD!) recommendations for good music. i'm always so lazy when it comes to discovering new music. i really do enjoy all types of music, and will try anything once.

    as much as i love all the above artists. after every song on one album gets played well over 100 times, it's time to let go and move on, don't you think?
  • NM - Six (Straylight Run, The Postal Service, The Format, Hole)

    4 Mar 2007, 04:07 by ScarletStarlett

    So originally I planned to only check out the following:

    Straylight Run
    The Postal Service
    The Format

    but then I bought one of Hole's albums, and ended up listening to them a lot too.

    Straylight Run - A very long time ago, a friend of mine made a music video to Existentialism On Prom Night and sent it to me. I didn't like the song right away, but after a few listens I fell in love. And yet, for some reason, despite my love for that song and everything else wonderful that I heard about the band, I never bothered to download anything else by them. Oh, big mistake. Add these guys to the list of "bands that I fell in love with right away". Right away, I was hooked on the catchiness of their songs, with my immediate favourites being Mistakes We Knew We Were Making and The Tension And The Terror.
    Besides being catchy, however, the songs also had a certain something that I just couldn't deny (and I also can't explain it, it seems). …
  • Albums I Own/Want

    16 Oct 2006, 03:24 by _myaugust

  • Hold up, finally a good album!

    28 Jun 2006, 23:29 by jenisometimes

    This is one of the best albums, I have not like any music that has come out in the last two years!!! This band deserves sooo much credit!!!