• The Living End's Modern Artillery - Reviewed

    Fev 13 2006, 11h34 por s0r05000

    The Living End'sModern ARTillery is something i've had lying around for few years now, but just this weekend i started really listening to it. Who's Gonna Save Us made it clear to me that this album is worth listening to. I've always thought that this album is too poppish for my style, but if you can put aside those "over-produced" sounds, and concentrate on songs, solos and structures, you might notice what piece of ART this record really is. Somehow, crosses my mind, that some songs on this album remind me little of Stray Cats's Storm the Embassy, and also some early The Clash's songs. But still. There are too many of those "filling" songs on this to make this truly remarkable album. Three or four hits don't make an album. So i'm giving it 7. That's because i fancy the Australia's finest's earlier work even more than this. I hope that their choice about recording company doesn't take edge off from their forthcoming material.