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Strawberry Alarm Clock

Incense And Peppermints (2:47)


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  • TOTALLY WRONG COVER....., MAIN COVER IS THIS http://www.last.fm/de/music/Strawberry+Alarm+Clock/Incense+and+Peppermints !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great....<3
  • More cowbell!
  • One of the greatest songs of ALL TIMES!
  • This is an absolute classic. Even people who are normally not into this psychedelic rock, will probably dig this song! I know I did when I was a kid! It's basically the epitome of 60s rock. If I had to sum up 60s rock, I would point to this song.
  • groovy (5)
  • Smoke
  • Interesting interview with one of them, their strange career and setting fire to yourself on stage. http://www.classicbands.com/StrawberryAlarmClockInterview.html
  • Come on guys! It's definitely NOT the original, but it still grooves!
  • schon mal besser gehört
  • Resung version. :-P
  • super groovy!
  • groovy (4)
  • groovy (5)
  • groovy (4)
  • groovy (3)
  • groovy (2)
  • Where is the real version. Ban re-recordings. This is shite
  • Still rockin' the shit version here, huh
  • god awful version
  • Come On Lastfm find The origionals Too Many Crappy versions on too many oldies..//
  • So wrong! Give us the original, and not this remake.
  • TAME?
  • groovy
  • I Think Lastfm Has Too Young Of A Staff To Know An Origional Track From The Sixties As This One Is Crappy..// [1] does make a lot of sense?
  • Great song, bad version!!
  • This version is horrible! That Ultimate 60's CD (shown above) is filled with poor re- recordings. If you like originals.....BEWARE of this one.
  • Timeless psychedelia from the sixties!
  • total 60's drug song
  • still love it !!
  • crazy song !!
  • :-)
  • It's still a good song.
  • I Think Lastfm Has Too Young Of A Staff To Know An Origional Track From The Sixties As This One Is Crappy..//
  • Lastfm fucks up another classsic...
  • original is waay better
  • Worst version ever???
  • Good song, The Simpsons jajaja
  • Incense-d...I am officially banning this song and I won`t be back anytime soon!
  • shit--S-H-I-T...shitty version...
  • Remix? Ewww. Gimme the original!
  • Don't know where this version is from
  • still haven`t fixed this...agree with the po-ed hordes down below
  • Who the hell is this? This sucks beyond. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah? Man this is so cheesy plastic.
  • I believe the (beautifully named) Strawberry Alarm Clock recorded other tracks. My 11'th listen to them and my 11'th listen to this track!! I like it, it's a classic but hey, what was on the b-side?
  • thanks for this one but yes, please offer the original--a gem
  • taken from 'the senior tour'
  • butchering of a classic,play the original,pls
  • I love this song eventhough I have no idea what it's about, especially as I have no idea what it's about ;)


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