• Name your top 10 most played artists on

    30 Mar 2010, 01:46 by darthgirl7

    I found this 'game' on my own journal xD but i did it about 3 years ago...
    My charts have changed a little bit hahahaha... well, I'm kinda bored, so i'll 'play' again :) You're allowed to laugh your ass off xP

    Name your top 10 most played artists on

    1. Avril Lavigne
    2 Bon Jovi
    3. Ashley Tisdale
    4. Stratovarius
    5. Britney Spears
    6. David Bisbal
    7. Ricky Martin
    8. Aerosmith
    9. Guns N' Roses
    10. Backstreet Boys

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    David Bisbal
    Ave Maria

    What is your favourite album of 2?
    Bon Jovi
    What a hard choice :/ These Days i guess... :/

    How many times have you seen 4 live?

    What is your favourite song by 7?
    Ricky Martin
    I Am Made Of You

    What is a good memory you have involving the music of 10?
    My pre-teenanger years!! I loved them SO MUCH, they used to be my favorite band.. awwn :3

    Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    Ashley Tisdale
  • Stratovarius en The End, Argentina

    15 Oct 2009, 15:42 by DreamXime

    Wed 14 Oct – Stratovarius

    Bueno, acá yo de nuevo, en el intento incansable que tratar de hacer una "review" de un recital.
    Bueno que puedo decir del concierto? Lo resumo en una palabra: IMPRESIONANTE! El sonido fue genial desde principio a fin, pero con algunos desordenes con respecto a los retornos en el escenario... Johansson estuvo a las puteadas un largo rato, y hasta hizo señas de que le iba a cortar el cogote al sonidista, hasta que bajó el retorno de él! jeje La cara de loco trastornado que tiene Johansson es mundial...
    Cabe destacar que Matias es un gran guitarrista, y al menos de mi parte, no lo extraño para nada a Tolkki.. El pendex es medio pecho frio, pero se lo perdono porque es Finés! jeje
    Otra cosa a destacar que no puedo olvidar, es la sonrisa de Lauri en todo momento del concierto! El guachito estaba feliz de estar tocando ahi, y además... que bien que toca el guacho!! Me quedé asi :O cuando hicieron la zapada de solos con Matias!
  • The Most Melodic Solos/Songs...

    30 Apr 2009, 18:15 by Tharky

    ***IMPORTANT NOTE: I have a much more bigger archive now, but I am really too lazy to list all of the good songs in here. So I will no longer continue to add songs in here. Sorry everyone.***

    I choose songs from my archive only. But try them if you like melodic songs. I'm doing this because noone did it before (At least I haven't seen them doing). And here you go, the most melodic songs I have...

    Latest Changes: (23.04.2011)
    • Added more songs from my archive. I hardly get free time to update this journal.
    ->•AC/DC (3)
    ->•Arch Enemy (5)
    ->•As I Lay Dying (1)
    ->•Avenged Sevenfold (1 / Added some comments)
    ->•Blind Guardian (2)
    ->•Bon Jovi (2)
    ->•Children Of Bodom (5)
    ->•Dragonforce (1)
    ->•Dragonland (1)
    ->•Dream Evil (1)

    Will continue later...

    • Corrected some spelling mistakes.
    ->•Grammar mistakes...

    ('"*The Groan of Wind*"')

    Here they are :

    3 Doors Down
    (I know... But still it is melodic.)
    Here Without You
  • Strato!!!

    18 Oct 2008, 23:29 by Confiii

    Ok... como veran el power metal no era de mis gustos favoritos
    pensaba que eran unos boludos tocando realmente muy muy rapido...
    pero bueno... todo cambio cuando entre a escuchar strato o Stratovarius

    y por eso hoy les voy a hablar de ellos

    Stratovarius es una banda finlandesa de power metal y metal neoclásico fundada en 1981 en Helsinki. tomo influencia de la musica barroca y otras agrupaciones como Rainbow,Ritchie Blackmore yDio. Del segundo tomó las influencias del power metal y del primero las influencias del metal neoclásico.

    El nombre Stratovarius es un nombre compuesto por dos nombres relacionados con instrumentos musicales: Stradivarius (apellido del conocido luthier italiano, y cuyos violines son apreciados por los músicos) y Stratocaster (modelo de la marca de guitarras Fender, muy usado en el rock actual), dejando entrever que mezclan la música clásica y el heavy metal.

  • Stratovarius - San Francisco - October 8th, 2005

    18 Jun 2008, 08:28 by jukkakhan

    Artist: Stratovarius
    Supporting: Into Eternity
    Date: October 8th, 2005
    Location: San Francisco
    Venue: The Pound
    Tour: Monster Metal Madness

    Remarks: Ah, the reunited Stratovarius. They put on a damn good show. Into Eternity on the other hand... I could've done without them. There was one song where it just seemed like the singer was trying to figure out how high he could screech. Anyways, I'm just glad to have been able to see them before they split up again.

    Stratovarius's Setlist
    (They started with a tour video, showing them traveling and playing gigs along the way. They had footage right up to the night before)
    Maniac Dance (They had the music video playing on the back screen. It changed throughout the night with some pretty cool artwork.)
    Speed of Light (They went right into this one at the end of the last song. It seemed that they were playing this faster than normal.)
    The Kiss of Judas (Was right in front of Tolkki so I got to see his sweet solo! They kinda extended it at the end…
  • Something Interesting, I suppose.. 8)

    24 Feb 2008, 05:03 by Ivaron

    I shamelessly stole this from someone else. Yay! ^^

    Get your overall top 10 artists from, and find the top 3 of their tracks that you've scrobbled most. Then see where it comes in that artist's "most-played" lists. The lower the track in the list, the weirder you are...or something to that effect.

    1. Sonata Arctica
    1: FullMoon } 3
    2: I Want Out } 57 (so underrated, but hey it's a cover)
    3: Paid in Full } 12
    3: The Gun } 70
    (^shared place)

    2. Kamelot
    1: When the Lights Are Down } 6
    2: Forever } 27
    3: Elizabeth I: Mirror Mirror } 84

    3. Avantasia
    1: Avantasia } 2
    2: Neverland } 16
    3: Sign of the Cross } 9

    4. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
    1: Riders On The Storm } 2
    2: Iron Fist } 48
    3: Friede sei mit Dir } 1

    5. Angra
    1: Carry On } 1
    2: Heroes of sand } 5
    3: Nothing to Say } 14

    6. Nightwish
    1: Eva } 5
    2: Moondance } 39
    3: 7 Days to the Wolves } 25

    7. Stratovarius
    1: Eagleheart } 3
    2: Phoenix } 9
    3: Father Time } 11

  • Stratovarius en Alcorcón ¿Conciertazo?

    13 Sep 2007, 00:03 by WinterGoku

    Sab 8 Sep – Stratovarius, Silver Fist, Obús

    Lo primero que he de decir es que no pude ver a Silver Fist ni a Obús, así que no puedo decir nada sobre ellos. Bueno sí, que escuché los últimos minutos de Obús desde fuera y sonaban brutalmente bien.

    Respecto a Stratovarius he de romper una lanza a su favor. La verdad es que superaron mis espectativas, aunque no tiene mucho mérito ya que era muy, muy bajas.

    Me gustó mucho que se centrasen en los temas más clásicos durante las escasas dos horas, si llegó, de concierto. Apenas tocaron uno o dos temas de los dos últimos discos.

    Así que empezaron con Hunting High and Low, y terminaron, como otras muchas veces, con Black Diamond, pasando por temas como Father Time, Visions, Speed of Light, Forever, Future Shock... e incluso una versión de Elvis. También adelantaron un tema del que será su próximo disco y que sonaba muy interesante, desde luego mejor que cualquiera del último álbum (Stratovarius).

  • 60,000 plays

    9 Sep 2007, 00:31 by Kanixtant

    Every ten thousand or so plays, I look at my music charts and reflect on how awesome my taste in music is. The brilliance of the Internet is that you now get to behold the aforementioned awesomeness. So...behold.

    The fight for #1 artist was a closely contested contest between Savatage and Iron Maiden. Then it stopped being contested as Savatage effortlessly broke the 3,000 plays boundary, finishing with 3,182 plays. Coincidentally, this was also around the time Savatage logged 1,000,000 scrobbles on Non-coincidentally, this was also the time I re-discovered the Dead Winter Dead album and the Streets: A Rock Opera album. Such emotionally gripping (ripping, even), musically sublime albums come by only once in a lifetime, and Savatage made a career out of it. The Wake of Magellan is still one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life, and that Savatage performed it live - with six or so counterpoint vocals going simultaneously - is a testament (no pun intended) to a truly great band.
  • Il mio Wacken 2007 - My Wacken 2007

    24 Aug 2007, 08:38 by Biottolo

    English version at the bottom!! :)

    Versione Italiana

    Ciao, per quelle 2-3 persone interessate ad un punto di vista sul Wacken di quest'anno eccovi le mie impressioni.
    E' il sesto Wacken a cui io ed i miei amici Iko (Icomei) e Vio (cptFarlock) partecipiamo, e dalla scaletta e dalle nostre previsioni doveva essere un grande evento! Le aspettative erano tante visto che erano in programma una bella camionata di artisti che seguiamo da anni (Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Therion, Gravedigger, Stratovarius, Rage per dirne alcuni...) e per quelle novità che avevamo conosciuto da poco (non vedevo l'ora di vedere gli Haggard anche se su un palchetto sapevo che sarebbero stati strettini!! :))

    Il primo giorno, dopo un po' di madonne a causa del tempo e del terreno fangoso che ci aveva costretto a piantare la tenda a km dall'area concerti, entriamo subito nello spazio concerti per respirare l'aria del Wacken, che sturba all'inizio per il suo miscuglio di odori (...e puzze...) ma poi inebria!!
  • Top 20 Thing

    22 Aug 2007, 09:10 by Pantacles

    Post the top twenty artists on your profile, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love with them, and your current favorite.

    1.Bad Religion
    First heard:Broken
    Fell in love with: Epiphany
    Current Favourite: Before You Die

    2. Shihad
    First heard: Bullitproof
    Fell in love with: The Call
    Current Favourite: Traitor

    3. The Butterfly Effect
    First heard: Beautiful Mine
    Fell in love with: One Second of Insanity
    Current Favourite: Mute

    4. Muse
    First heard: Time Is Running Out
    Fell in love with: Knights of Cydonia
    Current favourite: Assassin

    5. Dream Theater
    First heard: Pull Me Under
    Fell in love with: This Dying Soul
    Current Favourite: In The Presence Of Enemies Pt. 1: I. Prelude / II. Resurrection

    6. Audioslave
    First heard: Cochise
    Fell in love with: Shadow On The Sun
    Current Favourite: Moth

    7. Metallica
    First heard: Fade to Black
    Fell in love with: Bleeding Me