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The New Black



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  • I think there's no point to compare it with previous albums. This album sounds more not like the SYL we know but sort of transitional stage between SYL and DTP. // Great album by the way, even if not SYL-ish enough.
  • I've been listening to SYL for quite many years now and this one still hasn't grown beyond a "decent" opinion for me. I don't know, maybe Devin somewhat forced it to get out of the record contract quickly, as he ended the band soon after its release. It also feels like it's missing something of a "mood". I get a strong feeling that some tracks were just old (scrapped) stuff laying around that they put together and made a record with - it has a lots of filler tracks. Some tracks are great, though - Wrong Side, The New Black, Almost Again... Far Beyond Metal is fun. I'm glad they did a studio recording of it before disbanding.
  • vv absolutely..
  • Шедевральный альбом! Трэки "Far Beyond Metal", "Almost Again", "Antiproduct", "Wrong Side", "Hope" вне всякой похвалы. Советую обязательно послушать! Всё очень мощно, оригинально, технично, энергично, в меру брутально, быстро и мелодично.
  • Heavy ending is heavy.
  • Obviously this isn't as good as City, SYL or Alien but this still has a lot of amazing cuts on it. Decimator, You Suck, Wrong Side, Fucker, Far Beyond Metal, Almost Again, Polyphony, and The New Black are all pretty great. The mastering is unacceptably awful though.
  • Just decent, but very shitty compared to City & HAARHT
  • Not so deadly as my favourite City, but still good.
  • You Suck, Fucker and Far Beyond Metal are absolutely mind-blowingly amazing. The rest are okay. [2] i'd add Almost Again, Polyphony and The New Black to that.
  • I could happily float around The ISS with Almost Again glaring out my ipod

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