• Annie's Straid Lazed 02.09.

    9 Feb 2007, 23:26 by Karakyou

    There was a quite badly organized indie music event in the cultural centre of Pori yesterday, February 9th. Three bands were performing in this event, and only one of them would be good enough to perform in a Klustermus event later on.
    But first, there was this horrible Ruoste... ok, it's not bad, if your music is not so good as long as your visual image is ok... but.. a Donald Duck t-shirt?! What the f**k were they thinking? o.O"" Their music was worse than bad and the visual image absolutely sucked... can a band sink lower to the bottom?
    Secondly, there performed another rock-band; Estaog. A bit more interesting one this. The music was good, in fact it would have worked... if only they had had an even ok vocalist. But... well, let's say I've heard better... even in the Idols -_-" And the other guitarist (the smaller one) seemed to have a connection to Japanesque rock... Some of his riffs were like straight from a few bands I listen to. …