Stormlord is an epic black metal (self-classified as Extreme Epic Metal) band from Italy, created in 1991. The group uses keyboards and orchestrations to give their songs an epic, melodic atmosphere. This, combined with long and powerful guitar riffs, various vocal styles (harsh, opera and growled), extremely fast and aggressive drumming, gives their songs a feeling of both peace and power.

Stormlord is:
-Christiano Borchi (vocals since the beginning - 1991 - and bass ‘91 - ‘96)
-Gianpaolo Caprino (guitar, keyboard, clean vocals - ‘02-)
-Maurizio Pariotti (keyboards 2008-)
-Francesco Bucci (bass since ‘97)
-Andrea Angelini (guitar - 2010 -)
-David Folchitto (drums since ‘99)
Male operatic vocals on the albums are performed by A.G. Volgar from Deviate Damaen.
Occasionally, the band has utilized other clean and operatic vocals. (referred to as ‘Battle Choirs’)

Cristiano Borchi uses both black metal-style shrieking (referred to as ‘epic war screams’) and death growls. Giampaolo Caprino sings the gothic style male vocals used in songs such as ‘The Castaway’ and ‘Dimension: Hate’
Giuseppe Orlando of the gothic metal band Novembre and Outer Sound Studios (Where most Stormlord releases are recorded and produced) has contributed a few growled vocal lines throughout Stormlord’s career, notably on ‘Dimension: Hate’, ‘…And Winter Was’ and ‘Stormlord’.

The band has released following albums:
- The Supreme Art of War (1999, Last Episode)
- At the Gates of Utopia (2001, Scarlet Records)
- The Gorgon Cult (2004, Scarlet Records)
- Mare Nostrum (2008 Locomotive Records)

Other releases:
Demo 1992 (demo, 1994, self-released)
Black Kinght (demo, 1994, self released)
Under the Sign of the Sword (EP, 1997, Metal Horse)
Promo 1997/Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be (demo, 1997, independent, later released as the Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be EP in 1998 by Last Episode)
The Curse of Medusa (EP, 2001, Scarlet Records)
The Battle of Quebec City: Live in Canada (Live DVD, 2007, Scarlet Records)
The Legacy Of Medusa – 17 Years of Extreme Epic Metal (2CD Compilation, 2008, Scarlet Records.)

Stormlord’s lyrical themes on most 1990’s material were based around fantasy, and the majority of content themes on the band’s later releases centers around History, Greek and Roman Mythology, battles, and Literature. (occasionally touching on other topics or mythological themes)

Examples include “And the Wind Shall Scream My Name” (“Mare Nostrum”) is based on Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy (Hell)’. “I Am Legend” (“At the Gates of Utopia”), has the same title as Richard Matheson’s book. And “Xanadu (A Vision In the Dream)” (“At the Gates of Utopia”) is based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem ‘Kubla Khan - A Vison In the Dream’, and “Legacy of the Snake” (“Mare Nostrum”) is based on stories from Hindu beliefs.

Stormlord’s music video for the song ‘Under the Boards’ from “The Gorgon Cult” contained copious amounts of blood and gore, resulting in banning from TV and the gaining of both underground popularity and notoriety through downloads.

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