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Stone Sour

Bother (3:59)


  • this song makes me want to cry. WHY COREY WHY?!?!?!?! just kidding. great song. I wish I had a voice like urs man!
  • Traumhaft!
  • still amazing
  • он все таки талантливый
  • Corey got a great voice. I like this song
  • brings back some dark memories .. =/
  • Одна из моих любимых песен.
  • Awesome
  • Very Beautiful song!
  • butter
  • mmmmmmmmmm
  • Почему-то у Стоун Соура просто на ура вот такие медляки слушаю...
  • Great song.
  • love this song....:)
  • ♥´em !!
  • this is my all time best song!
  • one of the best songs ever recorded.
  • I never thought he could really sing until I heard this ...just brutal, one of the best lyrics I've heard so far... :)
  • обожаю ее..
  • amazing!!!!
  • очень красивая песня...
  • <3
  • Thank God for this song
  • Great Ballad!
  • wonderful!
  • First song I heard and thought WOW corey Taylor actually has talent
  • i love it
  • Bother------
  • great, better than through glass
  • I think it's the best song made by Stone Sour and one of the best ballads ever!
  • <3
  • favorite song ever<3
  • lovely
  • r i p my baby breg,i miss you so,mom
  • Fucking brilliant.
  • The best song ever.
  • Saw it live...was hit...hard
  • Ich liebe es <3
  • one of the most beautiful ballads i know..
  • Indeed!
  • awesome song!


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