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  • Avatar for Zach216
    Sad isn't really a good description... how about deep, reflective, introspective... melancholic, it has a build in the prechorus & there's enormous vocal power in the chorus (and bridge) Might be the best song Corey Taylor's ever written...
  • Avatar for illuminista
    Video Update
  • Avatar for music2artlover
    Love this song <3
  • Avatar for JagerLovag
    @PauloLochs Man, you ain't kiddin'. The video makes it all the heavier. ;_;
  • Avatar for PauloLochs
    damn this song is sad as fuck
  • Avatar for MusicAddictGirl
    ♥ "Once I hold on, I won't let go 'till it bleeds." ♥
  • Avatar for MusicAddictGirl
    Favorritteee <3 ...But did they really have to censor 'shit'? -.-
  • Avatar for rb4music
  • Avatar for ratastic
    I love this so much.
  • Avatar for Thonydef
    I keep slipping further....
  • Avatar for Ora_informatik
    C'est le seul titre que j'aime de Stone Sour...l'arrangement musical est superbe sans parler de la voix de Corey superbe pour ce titre particulier..
  • Avatar for nostalgiamartyr
    Damn. I remember when this track hit the radio. Everyone was freaking out about how good it was. And it still is.
  • Avatar for Metalfiend11
    Holy shit! Corey!!!!
  • Avatar for TheHeraldWolf
    Corey Taylor has a wonderful voice!
  • Avatar for Ferdokki
    Oh man, this song means so much to me. It helped me out during some rough times...
  • Avatar for penceyreject
  • Avatar for SuomiKolli665
    Love the string arrangement on this one.
  • Avatar for emzy1985
    Beautiful and always has been.
  • Avatar for Metalfiend11
    Wish I was to dead to cry.
  • Avatar for Taiteki
    @ G8Rbuttercups, he is def a rock god. Everyone one of his collaborations kick ass too. (Apocalyptica, Damageplan, Soulfly, etc.)
  • Avatar for G8Rbuttercups
    I'll keep listening to Corey;;;Stone Sour or Slipknot. He's got my mind warped! Love it♥
  • Avatar for aliceinchains87
  • Avatar for metalprincess6
    saw them Live and heard them sing this song....amazing
  • Avatar for Taiteki
    This song is a light that pierces the darkest valleys of my journey through life.
  • Avatar for Thonydef
  • Avatar for meolnir
    This song helped me through so many struggles in my life..
  • Avatar for mullplay4
    corey taylor \m/\m/
  • Avatar for msmandamoo
    Beautifully sad and haunting lyrics that we all can relate to at one time or another. Corey Taylor's voice is so raw and emotional and just perfect.
  • Avatar for Taiteki
    This song has a way of healing the soul.
  • Avatar for Listen4Work
    I keep slipping farther...
  • Avatar for Kasi-
    Corey Taylor... Cant resist ^-^
  • Avatar for moonlite2809
    His voice gives me goosebumps. :)
  • Avatar for Chrysobalex
    this is good. can just keep listening
  • Avatar for Seiyru
    Such a beautiful song
  • Avatar for chrisvasco23
    gripping song
  • Avatar for metalprincess6
    Heard them sing this song Live when I saw them...Amazing
  • Avatar for scarebear
    Touches me deep inside.
  • Avatar for T1bo
    amazing song
  • Avatar for MrDelicious1987
    Ooof this song gives me the Horn!
  • Avatar for Vampkat247
    Beautiful! love it!
  • Avatar for dlarosa
    Live or unplugged this song is great!
  • Avatar for Sherlock_Bones
    Best song I've ever seen live @ Download 2010, didn't even care much for Stone Sour before I saw him play it, but wow
  • Avatar for butlerkill8
    this is a really good song to sit with friends and drink a cold beer with .
  • Avatar for PsychoMaGGot
    love corey taylors jack skellington hat in a lot of his pictures for this band...oh wait this song is also amazing in more than one way
  • Avatar for LGAB1990
    Wish I'd died, instead of lived A Zombie hides my face Shell forgotten with its memories Diaries left with cryptic entries... I love this song...
  • Avatar for Youngb1ood81
    I wish I had a reason, My flaws are open season...
  • Avatar for comaliez
    Wish I'd died, instead of lived
  • Avatar for IFightPriests
    Normally, I'm not much of a Stone Sour fan, but this is amazing.
  • Avatar for sabbathagurl69
    \m/ once i hold on i wont let go till it bleedz \m/
  • Avatar for Blaze-Shadow
    I remember this song back when it was on the Spider-Man soundtrack! Hearing now it reminds of those songs.


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