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  • Avatar for Celestian
    The End needs to stop signing shit like this <--- agreed. this band is fucking garbage.
  • Avatar for Century_Skunk
    Not usually my thing but this stuff is great, bought the album as soon as I heard it.
  • Avatar for Lysander
    Goth rock?? I don't think so...
  • Avatar for stinger11
    lol i was totally joking about the burtoncore tag dude but i could still see their music in one of his moives
  • Avatar for stinger11
    i could so see these guys music in the background of some tim burton movie....burtoncore anyone? :D
  • Avatar for ZoneZero
  • Avatar for MadWork84
    Oh damn! I like it! :o
  • Avatar for xtra_bad_betty
    love the punk cabaret sound and look of this band reminds me of Abney Park, Salon Betty and The Dresden Dolls.
  • Avatar for TechOrangeJuice
    [group]The Shit[/group]
  • Avatar for darkmabe
    This band fuckin rock i've had to do a review of their album, and i give 9/10, and I really thing they deserve it !
  • Avatar for Traziun
    stolen babies > cradle i dont see how you can compare the 2 tho. its just that cradle sucks in my opinion.
  • Avatar for sohasdead
    very fun/good band, nothing like cradle of filth dont even compare!!
  • Avatar for Khanatist
    Wow. Now this band looks COMPLETELY ridiculous.
  • Avatar for xdreamsxdeniedx
    dani filth should be crucified
  • Avatar for El_kamrado
    They ate my brains. O_O Freakin' bizzaaarrrre O_O
  • Avatar for shaffer76
    oh but its true
  • Avatar for TechOrangeJuice
    BAH, stop comparing good stuff to Dani Filth. Please.
  • Avatar for shaffer76
    love em!! sometimes her screams reminds me a little of dani filth :P ...great band :D
  • Avatar for h4h4pwn3d
  • Avatar for fade_me_down
    such an awful fall!
  • Avatar for TechOrangeJuice
    Really good band.
  • Avatar for Melancholic
    Filistata <3


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