• Stitchthread - 18_viii_2.007/2.257

    19 Aug 2007, 20:32 by nightside242

    Mercury Flux, Corporation Street, Preston.

    Progressing even further from their embryonic Goth metal years by dropping entirely any material from the now-distant Ambience 1802 era, Stitchthread ’s / concoction commences with the icy ambience of “Ontario” from a full-length record expected later this year. Displaying a formidable grasp of dynamics, the band manoeuvres between extended, near-dissonant passages of spacious calm, á la Cult of Luna, and stripped down, aggressive riffs, helped in no small part by an extremely strong rhythm section in the form of drummer Ian Cylkowski and bassist Chris Anderson (the sole member of excellent support act, Operations). The harsh cold of the opener is an elaborate contrast to the two cuts from last year’s We Will Leave Together (“Intervention” and “Solace”) that air tonight, which, whilst retaining the sparse, empty nature of their music, has a much more doom-laden feel than the newer material. …
  • Stitchthread - We Will Leave Together EP

    31 Aug 2006, 20:30 by nightside242

    Imagine that you are a passenger on a small business jet, flying over the sands of the Sahara, when the pilot reports that due to engine difficulties, the plane will to have to make an emergency landing. You are going to be isolated in the desert, one thousand miles away from water and civilisation, just as night begins its descent, when the temperature will fall from 130ºF to 10ºF in just over half an hour. As the plane approaches the sand, the landing gear fails to activate, and the pilot has to skid the plane on its belly in order to land. Instead, it crashes into a dune, killing the pilots and all of your fellow passengers, leaving you as the lone survivor, forced to sit beside a burnt-out fuselage and hope that someone will answer the distress signal.

    If a soundtrack for such a futile wait was ever made, then Stitchthread’s We Will Leave Together is surely it. The entire album is built around barren atmospherics, and is tinged with a Middle-Eastern, sometimes ancient Egyptian, ‘dusk in the desert’ feel. …