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  • so good
  • Good punk!
  • Cool Music
  • Greetings from Ukraine)
  • quero ainda ter a oportunidade de ver essa banda aqui no Brasil
  • Johnny Was may be the greatest Bob Marley cover ever.
  • New album is really good after a few listens!
  • The old BBC Peel Session are fucking awesome
  • Great set in Holmfirth, as always
  • beirut moon is awesome
  • Seeing as there are so many of the bleeders and I don't have the patience to trawl through them all (especially as I hear some of them are poor), can someone tell me which of their live albums (apart from Hanx!, obviously) is worth listening to?
  • странным образом ухитрялись записывать отличные вещи и сразу же выпускать вслед за этим говно хотя в целом ранние вещи ничо так
  • The [group]Irish Rock League[/group] is waiting for your votes to decide the next winners!
  • Great set as usual in Sheffield, did a nice cover of Staring at the Rude Boys.
  • "Surely Northern ireland makes them Irish" Woah! Good luck with that discussion. I'm outta here...
  • Surely Northern ireland makes them Irish and is this a Green day covers band,for real some of the stuff written here seems a bit odd to me and nothing to do with music.
  • Yo fellow Finger's fan's, i did a stupid thing today as i am an debt up to my eye's etc... When i tried to buy a ticket for the Preston gig as i live in Blackpool and found out that ALL the gig's had sold out, except for Cardiff i paniced ? not sure about that spelling HAHA So bought a couple for me and her indoor's, but did'nt think about the mileage till after.. EVEN though Finger's are my best band of ALL TIME,, Cardiff is way too far !!!!!! They cost me £56 all together BUT would except the normal ticket price of £40... If anybody is intrested i should recieve them tomorrow and would post on to you the quickest way poss.. contact me on .... or 07747728837 .... Prefer paypal.. Cheer's Nik.....
  • I don't think anybody who knows some punk history "underrates" them. Whether they deserve more mainstream popularity, that's another question. They are highly rated punk legends anyway.
  • "Why is this band so fuckin underrated?" WTF?! :D
  • Why is this band so fuckin underrated? Pure punk explosion! [2]
  • Great set as always in Homfirth!
  • Am 22.12 in Bochum: Know your rights - a tribute to Joe Strummer -- mit The Movement, Hotel Energieball und Northern Beach in der Rotunde.
  • Great set at Rebellion 2012!
  • One of my first rock bands.
  • Why is this band so fuckin underrated? Pure punk explosion!
  • Johnny Was a good man!
  • if u're so punk why u can't come to Belarus
  • Stiff Little Fingers frontman Jake Burns talks about rethinking copyright, how the internet has clarified the band’s relationship with their fans, and their long awaited new album in a new M3 interview -
  • Jake Burns comes into my bar all the time
  • inflamable sounds!!!! it gives that special feeling that only true good punk can make you feel that way
  • Obvious troll is obvious
  • Brilliant band and absolutely superb live
  • so amazing
  • What do you think about my band?
  • Just started listening to this lot, fucking good aren't they?
  • Psychedelic-garage-punk-reggae. -.-.-.-.-. om hari om .....
  • Great set in Sheffield! usual
  • Still one of the best live bands around! Saw them in Brighton last week and was amazed! :-)
  • It took an Irish band to perfect English punk rock, no surprise! (-:
  • The show at El corazon was fuckin amazing.
  • venividicvicious - It's quite simple really.......the problem with SLF for the majority is the fact that they're political whereas The Undertones have songs about typical angst that 'anyone' can relate to. Happier that SLF get more plays though.
  • Not that they're all bad, but it pains me that The Undertones have more listeners than the SLF here on, and more people on the street probably know of The Undertones over SLF...but SLF have more plays...I guess us, the fewer, have better taste!
  • Best band ever have been listening to them since 1980 and the lyrics are still the best I have ever heard keep it up Jake
  • New season of the [group]Irish Rock League[/group] has started. Your votes will decide the next champion!
  • Top Listener! :D
  • "Oh We Want no more of that, You cant push us under the mat" Best of Belfast
  • OH OH OH OH Johnny was a good man! He never did a thing wrong...


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