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this band these men respectable men they play hardcore emtal punk beatdowns at a show they dont tak shit okat were not here to fight ok tell the cops that we aint ganger also we dont like bullshit ok we are passionite we play for the ppl ok anarchssits we are FUCK THE GOVERNMENT FUCK STREET PUNKS THO were crusters we dont like fake shit ok harcore staryoght you can prolly tell by the Xs ok just odnt fuck up with us nsad you cool no fights ok no police ok drugs no fuck off ok hardcore all th e way hardcore straight edge band we give the extra push for kids who have nothing left or no where else to A guy named Kevin Michael Christy who also does a hip-hop project, born in glassboro new jersey, he is infamous roller with the 609 crew and gang. in it contains nightdoctor, north east man, and trainwrek, all of whom have once had a ‘rap’ career if you will, however, many of them just guest star in his tracks, north east mans first appearance was when kevin michael christy had his first rap name called babyraper, inspired by gwar and disgusting lyrics, he went on a lyrical rampage for 4 songs. until recently, VERSE has been his name because he feels it completely expresses who he is and what he stands for. He has gotten political recently with song titles such as “America, the freest country in the world.” and “No Habla Jibber Jabber”

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