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  • Avatar for Dr-Jerry
    AAAAAAAH yeah
  • Avatar for Nan00k
    Pure joy.
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
    So fucking smooth. Thanks to ATCQ and Footprints for putting me on to this.
  • Avatar for karnickel
  • Avatar for mar-musik
    another great song that annoyingly got replaced by a live-version. :(
  • Avatar for viniciustur
    Where in coming from - the best album ....yeahhhhhhh
  • Avatar for Weinmacher
    abtanzen ohne ende :-)
  • Avatar for yerbyderby
    Know this title, but don´t like it.
  • Avatar for pogopatterson
  • Avatar for Tom_Pullings
    StevieWonderful ♥ Yeah!
  • Avatar for Hasen_Papa
    Play it with YouTube it´s great !
  • Avatar for Stadtschrat50
    Blöde Version.
  • Avatar for funtomas76
    Please the original version. This version is horrible.
  • Avatar for marjo47
    Yes indeed.
  • Avatar for Panecea
    StevieWonderful ♥
  • Avatar for coreyzeimen123
    Stevie Wonder “Sir Duke” is very cool song. review,
  • Avatar for marjo47
  • Avatar for KaiserKaese
    I'm getting the original Stevie version here alright. Fantastic.
  • Avatar for headey
    Add a shout here if you're hoping to get this changed.
  • Avatar for ButchGantenbein
    oh yes once again, very nice!
  • Avatar for tek_604
    Seeing previous comments, the version I am listening to now is NOT Stevie Wonder. Some god awful orchestral version. Guess it might float someone's boat, but not when you're expecting Stevie Wonder.
  • Avatar for ThePowerStation
  • Avatar for peaceandlove68
    I feel like I've just been to a bad corporate 'do'
  • Avatar for funkyfinn
    sounds like the seashells of the muppet-show (octopussys garden performed by kermit) I would prefer the funky original though.
  • Avatar for Gsmokers
    saw him live in seventy four..
  • Avatar for NitaD1
    Incorrect but jolly version lol
  • Avatar for Taiteki
    Correct version 01/28/13. :D
  • Avatar for gazm1
    Amusing version :)
  • Avatar for wastedcharlie
    Got the Looney Tunes version 02/01/13
  • Avatar for hexicola
    incorrect version last fm :(
  • Avatar for tresfoufou
    He's right. You CAN feel it all over.
  • Avatar for ktotammm
    Incorrect version 05.11.2012 This is not Stevie Wonder! Last.FM - get your shit straight!!!!
  • Avatar for Genesis-girl
    Sounds like the version I was expecting - happy memories of happy days :))
  • Avatar for headey
    3:54 stream today, sounded correct(UK).
  • Avatar for Vinyltrap
    Classic !
  • Avatar for miotailtmilidh
    Anyone else think the start of Sir Duke sounds like Thomas the Tank Engine?
  • Avatar for Cazweigun
    What the hell is this crap?
  • Avatar for DavidSmith98
  • Avatar for Lynnbookworm
    finally the real version/ my favorite song by SW!
  • Avatar for DarkAngel1222
    Ewww! What is this? Not Stevie Wonder that's for sure.
  • Avatar for MackSpane
    I think it's a pretty cool cover--definitely some talented voices, great harmonies, cool skat, in it, but there's no WAY Stevie's picture or name should be on this.... Sounds like Manhattan Transfer (wouldn't be surprised if it was them)
  • Avatar for robku05
    fix your tags peeps, this is the classical version. beautiful in all if i wanted to listen to it....
  • Avatar for pogopatterson
    Not funny.
  • Avatar for Freakth
    all about this song is party
  • Avatar for naynay1129
    i like this version it is cool
  • Avatar for discmann
    Thanks Larissa ;-)
  • Avatar for burnsbaby
    this version sounds like background music to a Bugs Bunny cartoon!
  • Avatar for keyboardguy
    Who did this arraingement? Kind of cool!!
  • Avatar for headey
    re the UK stream today... I think my mum and dad might have said "Oh, isn't this is nice dear". ~~~ If you'd rather hear the original(or possibly nothing at all) please don't whine here. Put a shout on the forum.
  • Avatar for goboywonder
    Whoa, I actually like this!


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