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Stevie Ray Vaughan

Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (8:00)


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  • Geil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • There always has been and probalby always will be great confusion over "Voodoo Chile" and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)". "Voodoo Chile" was the first version by Jimi, which he later used as the basis for "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", the more popular and widely known of the two. This is a cover of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)".
  • I prefer SRV's version over Hendrix.....sorry......; )
  • This is an absolutely beautiful cover. \m/
  • ...dito.....
  • RIP... Titans such as SRV come along MAYBE once a generation.
  • Nice cover :-)
  • In your own words - A bad case of - Open mouth,insert whole foot again as usual@Oldiesfanjohn.
  • Oh hell yeah!!!! Saw him perform this many times. So flippin' good!
  • @BikerWriter. "Saying SRV is the New GOD"?..SRV died on 8/27/1990..Why did you say it that way? News travels slow when you are the Center of your own Universe,eh BikerWriter?..Been 22 years sInce SRV died!..What else has changed in your Bizarro World since 1990 then?..Nowadays,everyone has their own lists and opinions,your opinion/list is no better and/or worse than the next guy..Repeat that again,please BW? (My opinion is no better/worse than the next guy) A bad case of - Open mouth,insert whole foot again as usual@BikerWriter..Oh,one more btw --You ARE NOT musically superior to everybody else on here either@BikerWriter..Repeat that,please!..Moving on!!!
  • I prefer this version over the Hendrix version too....
  • >>> "Air chopping" a mountain down with the edge of his hand while singing off key!
  • I still like Jimi's better *shrug*
  • Incredible!! Stevie Ray!
  • Love this version
  • V oh absolutely.
  • Pains me to say it but yes Stevie's version is better then Jimi's
  • incredible track
  • perfection .
  • Jimi would be proud!
  • This dude can play!!! Wonder how great he would have been?
  • casi como jimi.........., pero es muy bueno srv
  • sorry oldskuul62 but robin trower though good couldn't hold jimi's guitar pick let alone the same chords he ripped off from let me guess who ???
  • SRV > Jimi
  • grew up listening to Stevie... sure do miss ya
  • Stevie payed tribute to Jimmi and well and truly TRUMPED him and made this song his own . This man And Robin Trower and Several others have surpassed Jimmy . Get Jimmy off that damn pedestal . He may have belonged there years ago. But not anymore. This IS the Best Cover of a cover I have ever heard.
  • Jimi has more Feeling and Charisma in his Sound.Forever impossible.
  • Sorry Jimmy, you're beated.
  • sorry Jimi you were well & truly owned
  • Stevie was phenomenal...what a tragedy. Awesome version of this song!
  • sad he is gone..
  • I chop it down!
  • I saw him open for Robert Cray in the late 80's he was phenomonal
  • incredible track - I remember watching this MANY times in Austin--
  • "as close as you're gonna get to the original" - yeah, apart from those extra three minutes of running time.
  • I love this Classic greatness!!!!!
  • Well done, what a brilliant masterpiece! Chapeau!
  • gute handarbeit
  • as close as you're gonna get to the original
  • An absolute 'crackin' version of the original
  • a great player
  • sì sì
  • love this song!
  • one of the rare occurances where a cover is better than the original.
  • grandE
  • guitar herO
  • Greatest blues guitar guy ever!!!!!
  • fuckin sick!!!! he does the best cover ever of this song
  • un...be...lievable. absolutely incredible showcase of talent. i love jimi hendrix, but i like this version better. just like i like hendrix's version of all along the watchtower better than bob dylan's
  • perfeito


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