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There are several artists called Steve.

1) Chiptune artist born and raised in the Bromley Massive, UK. Filtering the waste from his surroundings using his considerable electronic brain sieve this analogue keyboard toting oft-naked eclectic whirly-gig of 8-bit electronica dispenses fine, fine sounds, calling on a majestic plethora of influences. Subverting his very existence by performing under a pseudonym, he stands tall, his unshaven face moving serenely in the breeze and his eyes dart around, looking for charity shops to felch the unwanted and discarded casio gems from England's great unwashed. His ears, like those of a deer, are poised and alert, and await his next creation to feed it like sound soup to his ravenous brain. With gig locations including a large part of northern Europe it's a surprise he doesn't live in a perpetually oscillating sky-ship, hovering above the continent and waiting to descend to his latest music regurgitation. Enter his cyber home here:

2) The band, Steve (Falling down, Prelude), is a contemporary Christian band, similar in sound to Delirious? and Muse.

3) Hungarian rap artist under the WacuumAirs label

4) Dutch singer Steve has one of the most distinctive voices in music. Whether you like it or not, you know it is unmistakably Steve.

5) Filthy Frank show character

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