• Revamping the similar artists formula, Part II

    2 Jan 2012, 05:27 by maplejet

    Last Saturday, I discussed the issues with the current similar artist formula...especially Metallica being top 10 in similarity with The Offspring (like what?).

    Well, since then, I put my programming skills to work and well, I built a little program to test to see it would work with other artists. Results were noticed on several bands/artists as their similar artists over went a make over. However, it did lead to new problems as I tried testing it out super-mainstream acts including our favorite band...Radiohead.

    Rage Against the Machine showed up as a similar artist.

    ...well, apparently. Radiohead's top 250 similar artists currently are all over the place in random genres. A bigger batch of similar artists would be needed to get the best results, but the question is...is my new formula better. I'm going to show you some examples of artists top 25 similar artists...before, and after. You guys make the decision.

    Oh, you don't remember the formula? Very well...time for a quick summary
  • My Top Tracks

    14 Apr 2008, 18:29 by classic_sinful

    Just listing all the songs that are sinfuliciously great. Please note that these are in no particular order

    Living Colour - Cult of Personality

    This song's main riff is awesomeness on its own, and the great solo makes it all just better.

    Motörhead - Ace of Spades

    Another delicious guitar work along with killer matching vocals.

    Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

    The drums, the guitar, the (freakin' amazing) vocals, everything in this song makes you want to dance.
    And I have to tell ya, I don't really like dancing.

    Black Sabbath - Iron Man

    This is fucking epic. Anyone that disagrees with me shall burn in hell.

    Dick Dale - Misirlou

    Many people might remember this from Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas or from the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack, but we all know this song is old as fuck.

    And boy, does it rocks our socks.

    The Strokes - Reptilia

    Some might hate the groaning vocals (which I rather enjoy), but everyone stays with that damn happy riff playing in the head for days after listening to it.
  • Guitar Hero 3 and it's predecessors

    1 Dec 2007, 06:21 by countearl

    I recently got Guitar Hero 3 and I must say, I think the song list is absolutely fantastic. Much better than the other three games.

    Let's examine the encore song for all 4.

    Guitar Hero: Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon

    This song is decent. It's not the best Ozzy song ever (could have used No More Tears instead) but it is good enough.

    Guitar Hero 2: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird

    Meh. I think this song is overrated. Every time I ask someone what their favorite song is, they say "FREEBIRD!" Don't get me wrong, this song is great, but it's over rated IMHO. "Well! At least it has a great solo!" Yeah, well every other encore song that's listed has one that's better.

    Guitar Hero 80's: Extreme - Play With Me

    I want to find the people who made this song and extract their teeth with clawhammers. I love this song, it's excellent, but the solo took me about three days of nonstop-play to beat it. The minute I beat it I took all my friends out to Papa John's to grab some pizza for a celebration.