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  • Avatar for Chrilu
    Just listening to "Structural Damage". His early works are way better...
  • Avatar for JukeBoxHero48
  • Avatar for naturefirst
    music man !!!!
  • Avatar for headgear56
    Listening to the album High Tension Wires... Good stuff.
  • Avatar for most_hundred
    япадарютибе киёв,паскарей приезжаай!!! :)
  • Avatar for Neue_regel_
    Steve >>> Neil
  • Avatar for sl8221958
    His hair wasn't as long as when he was lead singer for The Smiths, but he keeps his shirt on more.
  • Avatar for sl8221958
    Leave Britney alone
  • Avatar for SmokinWickerman
    Just found out this week that Steve Morse and Neal Morse are brothers!
  • Avatar for Edson__
    vitoriasampaio, dalviodias: mas isso não é pra ser jazz. Se é isso que estão procurando aqui estão ouvindo o artista errado. Mas a musicalidade e habilidade do Sr. Morse são incontestáveis =)
  • Avatar for Maxe86
    "Major impacts" is an album that was made by a genius guy. 2
  • Avatar for gerbebe
  • Avatar for doctorjmo
    steve iz a bad dude!!
  • Avatar for SoundscapeMN
    Steve has a new project featuring Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy and Dave LaRue coming soon. [url= -morse-mike-portnoy.html ]link[/url]
  • Avatar for dalviodias
    ele toca tudo embalhado, escutem jazz de verdade!
  • Avatar for yudabm92
    WOW what an amazing player ! WoW !
  • Avatar for Hoxerijo
    God of Melodies.
  • Avatar for Catata
    swietna muzyka
  • Avatar for Steve-Mo
    I'm glad you all enjoy my playing.
  • Avatar for ChariotsOfFire
    listen also to [artist]the Dixie Dregs[/artist], it rocks!
  • Avatar for Amon_Re
    Saw him last night with Deep Purple.... he effing ROCKS \m/
  • Avatar for jakub9191
    Yeah !! This is it :D
  • Avatar for RedNr4
    you rock!
  • Avatar for lebed_lovuva
  • Avatar for diegohendrix
    Although I enjoy more Steve, Deep Purple and better with the Blackmore ... and Steve is very good too! Gave a renewed style of the sound of Deep Purple.
  • Avatar for UPLy <<VEJAM!!!
  • Avatar for cemsheed
    He totally rocked Istanbul.
  • Avatar for Nokturn81
    Just wanna thank for 4 minutes to live, Tumeni notes and many more. He's just the best. Can't wait his new record that should be released in september:)
  • Avatar for Hoxerijo
    Scrobblings are splitted with Steve Morse Band. Anyway I'm here to say, even if nobody gives a shit, that THIS IS THE BEST MELODY COMPOSER I EVER HEARD. I think that I got 1200 scrobbling on Last.FM, but in all my life they were at least 1.000.000. He positively infected my mind with his tunes. I know much better his songs (EVERY SINGLE NOTE BY ANY INSTRUMENT) than mine. Not to mention Dixie Dregs, a band that I loved bordering orgasm. I can only say THANKS STEVE, YOU MAKE MY LIFE BETTER WITH YOUR ASTONISHINGLY ELEGANT, RICH, ARTICULATED, COMPLEX, PERFECT (I SAY PERFECT) MELODIES.
  • Avatar for Jamesismynamo
    What a brilliant player. His right hand playing technique is so unique; I don't know how he does it.
  • Avatar for Metalheavy
    Eric Burdon has only 180k
  • Avatar for harajukudude
    a group for people who love to discover great bands that none of they're friends know!
  • Avatar for Smooooooth
    Highland Wedding!! Gentle Flower, Hidden Beast!! GeNiOuS \m/-
  • Avatar for Hoxerijo
    Steve Morse is one of the greatest composers in all the times, Blackmore the guitarist of a largely overrated band, playing an honest, very simple, melodic rock. A pension after a long carrier for Morse.
  • Avatar for joewatson406
    It's nice to see that the topmost song played on here is a bad rendition of a track that Morse didn't even write. I never liked the guy. A less than adequate replacement for Blackmore, and left basking in the wake of Howe.
  • Avatar for benedictum504
    I like the blend of blues, rock and jazz that makes this virtuoso of the guitar ... the maximum !!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Kira_Sakuya
    Blackmore and Morse are way too different. In the context of Deep Purple, Ritchie is better... he wrote the songs!. But, as an overall artist I prefer Steve, he has an absolute knowledge and mastery of the guitar. A complete genius.
  • Avatar for XBend
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  • Avatar for T_RoyTaylor
    Amazing guitarist!
  • Avatar for Maidenrugby
    Steve Morse is a genius. I am grade 8 classical guitar, and play electric too, and I one day aspire to be as good as this man :)
  • Avatar for HummeriMies
    I prefer Blackmore, but Steve Morse is good too.
  • Avatar for HeikkiS
    Quantum Soup just blew my mind. Excellent.
  • Avatar for hysteria0610
    I saw this guy with deep purple last night, it was truly amazing
  • Avatar for thecrazyeagle
    I have seen Steve 3 Times & Hope to see him many more.I had the pleasure of speaking to him for 5 minutes at a club called Rockafellers here in Houston. While writing this note,I'm listenning to Cruise Controloff the best of Dixie Dregs which he signed. He is up there with Steve Vai Joe Satch,& Alan Holdsworth
  • Avatar for uhs
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  • Avatar for Hampeltier
    grandefolle said it.. can't imagine of a better guitarist. amazing show at the deep purple concert last night :D
  • Avatar for grandefolle
    Best guitarist ever ! Can't wait to see him one more time on 12th May ! :o)
  • Avatar for Deegal72
    Saw this guy live with Dee p Purple in Melbourne a couple of months ago! How awesome was he
  • Avatar for guitaristmjm
    I have listeed to Cool Wind, Green Hills 4000 times on my computer before I got Last FM, just so you know.

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