• indie karaoke

    15 Apr 2007, 09:13 by mschoch

    Sat 14 Apr – Of Montreal, Flosstradamus, Michael Showalter

    i was totally disappointed. of Montreal sounded bland(?) and some of the karaoke songs were just bad. also i didn't get to sing the song i wanted to which is maybe possibly sort of skewing my judgment. i was signed up for The Joker but i totally backed out after the shark-guy went. so bad. oh and those pom peach drinks were really good!

    - sniff -Surrender - sniff -
  • The smell of moisturiser

    27 Mar 2007, 14:40 by Mixy-is-Thrash

    One delicious crooning track that never fails to make me swoon:

    Steve Miller - The Joker

    Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
    Some call me the gangster of love
    Some people call me maurice
    Cause I speak of the pompitous of love

    People talk about me, baby
    Say Im doin you wrong, doin you wrong
    Well, dont you worry baby
    Dont worry
    Cause Im right here, right here, right here, right here at home

    Cause Im a picker
    Im a grinner
    Im a lover
    And Im a sinner
    I play my music in the sun

    Im a joker
    Im a smoker
    Im a midnight toker
    I sure dont want to hurt no one

    Im a picker
    Im a grinner
    Im a lover
    And Im a sinner
    I play my music in the sun

    Im a joker
    Im a smoker
    Im a midnight toker
    I get my lovin on the run
    Wooo wooooo

    Youre the cutest thing
    That I ever did see
    I really love your peaches
    Want to shake your tree
    Lovey-dovey, lovey-dovey, lovey-dovey all the time
    Ooo-eee baby, Ill sure show you a good time

    Cause Im a picker
    Im a grinner
    Im a lover
  • Soundtrack To My Life

    24 Oct 2006, 21:43 by Bradsforge

    Track 1. Opening Credits:
    Master Of Insanity -

    Track 2. Waking Up:

    Track 3. Jogging:
    Feel Good Inc.

    Track 4. Average Day:

    Track 5. First Date:
    Happiness Runs

    Track 6. Falling in Love:
    The Joker

    Track 7. Fight Scene:

    Track 8. Breaking Up:
    Wicked Games

    Track 9. Time Apart:
    It Ain't Me Babe

    Track 10. Getting Back Together:
    Make Up Your Mind

    Track 11. Life's Okay:
    I Can See for Miles

    Track 12. Mental Breakdown:

    Track 13. Driving:
    Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)

    Track 14. Learning a Lesson:
    Dirty Laundry

    Track 15. Swearing Revenge:

    Track 16. Deep Thought:

    Track 17. Flashback:
    The Chain

    Track 18. Inspiration:
    Walk of Life

    Track 19. Overcoming:
    Passing Afternoon

    Track 20. Partying:
    The Final Countdown

    Track 21. Happy Dance:
    I'm Your Boogie Man

    Track 22. Regret:

    Track 23. Long Night Alone:

    Track 24. Death Scene:
    God's Gonna Cut You Down
  • Romance and frustrated fucks

    31 May 2006, 12:35 by realpaladin

    I love movies and books where the protagonist is a somewhat flamboyant (sometimes a bit annoyed at the world) character who has a, to the rest of the world, skewed perception on things.

    And the courting and flirting with attractive damsels (whilst fighting of the baddies, or blowing up half of LA, whatever) is the way I prefer the romance in the story.

    Playful, joyful, romantic, the no-harm-done type of fun.

    But I feel, just a feeling, that somewhere along the way, people lost the ability to enjoy this.

    Everything has to have a purpose or meaning behind it.

    And that's where the frustrated fucks fuck up most of everything.

    They (women just alike as men), home in for nought but exchange of bodily fluids or a hard-and-fast relationship, and make a ruckus if they do not get it.

    So the rest now sees a meaning in everything as well.

    No caress for the sake of touching someone just feels nice.

    No kissing but for the want of more.