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  • Avatar for bercer
    yeah, good song", rock on""
  • Avatar for sjm26b
  • Avatar for livMuzick
  • Avatar for marjo47
    Good song.
  • Avatar for greenvillepa
    Run forest run !
  • Avatar for srdjstuka
    All my Steve Miller CDs disappeared. Stolen by "friends" I suppose. Swine!
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    not bad live
  • Avatar for ButchGantenbein
    what is money? I don't understand? is it like a tree. oh it's more like leaves. I get it. I take leaves all day long.
  • Avatar for CanYouBlush
    needs a tweak my jungle lovely's
  • Avatar for IRSARGE
    retrowens What a HORRIBLE live version! Please play the studio version
  • Avatar for NorthernExile
    Not a bad live version at all. Its such a great song that it can be played many ways and still sound great.
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    So why isn't Stevie "Guitar" Miller in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame yet? Chrissakes,they let Abba in!
  • Avatar for Elfen2wesen
  • Avatar for rockandrolljoe
    Good song
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Good tune-age..It's the summer of '76 all over again!..Good times!
  • Avatar for PETEWAY
    One of the good guy's in rock.
  • Avatar for Flash-fpo
    you must a music way to him
  • Avatar for r-iman
    sit around the house getting high and watching tube
  • Avatar for ravenclaw94
    Oh dang, I always thought he said "And there's still money today" like they left a legacy or something lol. Ah well, still a great song!
  • Avatar for ericshep
    I love this live version!
  • Avatar for ancarani
    Happy song.
  • Avatar for nitehawk868
    Awesome warm up drum song!!!!
  • Avatar for r-iman
    go on take the money and RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for meandmymini
    $$$$$$$$ RUN!!!
  • Avatar for escarabat94
  • Avatar for r-iman
    great song for a great time in life. remember my sister's boyfriend at the time turning me on to Steve.
  • Avatar for gilliananne
    good idea
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    summer of 76 partying on lake erie
  • Avatar for lottadogs
    I got the album version this time...still loving this one. ;-)
  • Avatar for lottadogs
    really like this version of the classic
  • Avatar for blaircramer
    The cooler version of Bonnie and Clyde.
  • Avatar for Endymion85
    I always rooted for them to get away! Woo Hoo!
  • Avatar for MIKEH3875
    whooo hooo
  • Avatar for babyqueball718
    i'm pretty sure he flipped a couple of the lines.
  • Avatar for pupaboy
    Keep on a rockin' me baby!
  • Avatar for acdcgnrrock
  • Avatar for OU812_JT
    Go on take the money and run!!!
  • Avatar for chargers97
    i headed down to old el paso once and had a great time.
  • Avatar for hexterdutton
    Needs to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of fame!
  • Avatar for pjolliffe
    Sit around the house, get high, watch the tube. Idle hands and all..
  • Avatar for The80sFan
    GREAT CLASSIC jam here! Steve Miller Band created some awesome tracks over the years.
  • Avatar for FIERFOX1
  • Avatar for SugarBearBrass
    Boring party? Put on Steve Miller's Greatest Hits.
  • Avatar for nocturana
    Sparks coming off me feet!
  • Avatar for LuvNeoSoulMusic
    Love this tune, Steve Miller rock on!!
  • Avatar for schultzdigital
    a fun lil tune..
  • Avatar for auchkyle3
    cheeseburger´s here & now?
  • Avatar for billbrick
    somebory get me a cheeseburger
  • Avatar for stuart888
    take the money and "run" is always the best bet...............\m/
  • Avatar for spotpatty
    sit around the house,get high and watch the tube


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