• My music on last.fm

    8 Nov 2005, 15:53 by SoloBassSteve

    Many of you visiting this will already know all about what I do as a musician, so unless you just want some easy links to where it all is on this site, you can skip this...

    For those of you who don't, allow me to introduce myself - I'm Steve Lawson, as the link over there on the left says, and I'm a solo bassist, as the 'about me' handily tells you.

    I've got lots of tunes uploaded here at last.fm, 7 albums worth, to be precise (or is it 8? Er, I'll check).

    Anyway, if you go to the Steve Lawson artist page, you'll find links to each of my albums, and some playlists so you can have a listen to what I do.

    The basic gist is that I play electric bass - fretless and fretted - and I use real-time-looping to layer lots of different bass-originated sounds on top of one another to build big soundscapes, or just provide a chordal backing for a particular tune. So all the stuff you'll listen to if you click the links is recorded live.