• Fulks 2010 residency at The Hideout

    2 May 2010, 16:58 by heatherc

    In February, Robbie Fulks began a Monday night residency at The
    Hideout, which is scheduled to last throughout at least all of 2010
    (whenever Robbie is available). Few artists would do such a thing
    with as great a diversity as he has thus far. So I'll use this journal
    to keep a record of the shows, updating it throughout the year.

    On October 31, 2010, the Chicago Sun-Times ran an article on Robbie's residency:,music-residencies-103110.article

    Feb 1 - with Robbie Gjersoe
    I'm starting this Monday, Feb. 1, with something safe and sound: my duo with the incredible Robbie Gjersoe. We'll be focusing on country flatpick songs. Bring your eighth-note-o-meters.
    ?? (instrumental)
    Molly and Tenbrooks [Bill Monroe]
    Georgia Hard
    The Bluebirds Are Singing For Me [trad.?]
    Guess I Got It Wrong
    The World Is Full of Pretty Girls (And Pretty Girls Are Full of Themselves Too)
  • Country bound

    28 Jan 2009, 21:08 by Bertels

    Tue 27 Jan – Black Hen Package. Q-bus, Leiden.

    Every now and then Coach Bertels needs an evening Extreme Minimal Northern Hardcore Country Music. And it just so happens to be at the Q-bus, a twenty minute bicycle ride, in January of the new Chinese year of the Ox.
    One day Bertels will read this journal entry to all kind of funny looking fellows in the Blue Ox, but that’s nostalgia.
    Coach Bertels rounded up Coach Webber and they set off to meet some meat at La Bota’s in the great and horse friendly city of Leiden.
    Here both researchers discussed all aspects of manager work arounds, just to discover a total lack of participation in such an attempt. The discussions were detected however by some HR folks drinking beers and talking stupid. They claimed their company had it all far better arranged, not knowing the exact subject of our debate. Typical!!
    Nevertheless the beers were okay, the starter fabulous and the main dish superb.