• Bands I have seen live

    28 Apr 2013, 12:02 by CrazyMaisy

    I'll start with just a list. This isn't exhaustive, only what I can remember off the top of my head. I mostly was a "listen to the radio, go to very little" kind of girl ... until recently when I've started making my husband take me to concerts to make up for lost time.

    When I was a teenager I did see many more concerts than are listed, but I don't recall exactly every single one. I was limited to what I was allowed to see, and didn't pursue much when I was grown up, then got married and started a family. Now that they are older I am out and about, seeing more. Some of the artists I've seen more than once. Some of these I'll be seeing again at Festivals this Summer, as well as a few new ones. I only count the bands I've actually truly listened to (Even if I don't listen to them at home, or hate them even.)

    Amy Grant (3)
    Michael W. Smith (1)
    Stryper (3)
    Russ Taff (1)
    Mylon LeFever (1)
    Steve Camp (1)
    Wayne Watson (1)
    Guardian (1)
    Trisha Yearwood (1)