• The longest tour since 19 years

    1 Sep 2012, 08:10 by Rissan

    Fri 31 Aug – No-Man

    After four years No-Man returned to the Cultuurpodium de Boerderij at Zoetermeer with a great setlist and an enthousiastic band. This time the band was much more relaxed then when they played there in early september 2008. Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson did introduce the songs with a laugh and a smile and the band was in top shape. With an audience that came to listen to the band, instead of talking during the concert, it became a memorable evening.

    The setlist contained all the songs from their just released live album Love And Endings with eight extra’s including the new uptempo track Warm-Up Man Forever, and also Close Your Eyes and the encore Back When You Where Beautiful, which were both on the setlist for the first time. Housewives Hooked on Heroin was spontaneously played as a third encore, Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson both complaining against eachother that they had not had the time to practice the song. …
  • No-Man's live DVD Mixtaped is wonderful :-))

    30 Dec 2009, 23:44 by IM7070

    Finally I've finished this review - here goes...

    No-Man are (currently) Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson, a UK duo who have an occasional recording partnership that spans over 20 years. I only came to listen to them fairly recently, about three years ago I think, when a friend gave me a couple of their CDs to listen to as I had at that time become a fan of one of Steven Wilson's other projects, Porcupine Tree. Since then they have been elevated to be one of my favourite bands ever, for their creativity, their ability to make absolutely stunningly beautiful music, and yet retain a sense of humour, and in Tim Bowness' lyrics a social observation that at times is on a par with Alan Bennett. Sadly one of the things that seems to put people off listening to them is Tim's voice, and I have to admit that when I fist heard him I thought "eyup, it's a crooner, what IS this??" But I've since come to really love his singing - he certainly has a distinct sound!

  • All Sweet Things

    5 Sep 2008, 09:54 by Rissan

    Wed 3 Sep – No-Man, Steven Wilson, Fear Falls Burning

    Finally after years of waiting No-Man made it to mainland Europe. Playing their first gig at de Boerderij in Zoetermeer.

    At 8:30 their support Fear Falls Burning, which turned out to be just one man, Dirk Serries, tried to warm up the crowd. But listening to guitarloops played over samples for nearly half an hour isn't my kind of pleasure, so after a couple of minutes I returned to the bar to have another drink.

    At 9:15 No-Man kicked off when violinist Steve Bingham played his first string sample into the computer. Three samples followed and the string background of Only Rain played through the venue. Since Micheal Bearpark was having problems with his pedals, Bingham was given more time to play a nice violin solo intro. After five minutes, with the problems solved, the band finally took off.

    A nice set of songs was played in the nearly two hours that followed. Besides contributions from their latest album Schoolyard Ghosts