• Best of 2012

    3 Jan 2013, 23:06 by braholicpunk

    Top 12 Albums of 2012

    Another year over, another year done; with the end of 2012 comes the reflection on what has transpired. Party lines were severely severed with another presidential election, only to be reunited with a hurricane and a horrific act of violence just over a month later; I'm never trusting another Sandy again. We saw another summer Olympics dominated by Americans, but perhaps the most impressive feat of sport was a single man jumping from the stratosphere. The iPhone5 was finally released, but instead of fighting for Pussy Riot, most people were looking up pictures of One Direction; at least the sale of black hoodies went up before people started wasting their money on more, just slightly improved, Apple products. In a year when the most addictive thing in music was a Vietnamese rapper faining riding a horse, I found much better things to keep on repeat. So, here they are, in no particular order, my top albums of 2012:

  • Attack on Memory

    17 Jan 2012, 00:45 by ggnomeproject

    From its opening moments, you feel the 90s filtering into your veins like a half-used heroin needle and feel the sudden need to sit and soak it all in. There's the unexpected piano melody in the beginning of No Future/No Past building into a trudging guitar, bass, and drums, that only let up for a moment and only to build still more tension, Dylan Baldi's vocals growing slowly more desperate until the final outro-chant of the song title. It's like ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead stole Kurt Cobain's vocal aggression and his heroin needle and replaced the heroin with concentrated cough syrup.

    Then comes Wasted Days, with its nearly 9 minutes, taking even more cues from Trail of Dead, mostly just riffing and building instrumental tension between sparsely dosed chants of “I thought I would be more than this.” And somehow the band makes it work. Maybe it’s all the angst.

  • Tuesday Ten: Dumped

    15 Feb 2011, 21:21 by amodelofcontrol

    Ok, so I did Bad Romance last year, but here’s another list for Valentines Day – this time dealing with being dumped. It’s been a good many years since it happened to me, and I really rather hope it stays that way.

    Anyway, heartbreak is a common subject in songs, perhaps unsurprisingly, so I wasn’t short of choice. As always there is a Spotify playlist, and as a new trial, if you’d rather, a YouTube playlist too (note: all of these are the original videos where possible, or live videos, rather than just rips of songs to slideshows).

    Arab Strap
    One Day, After School
    How could I possibly not include these guys in this? Where there’s heartbreak and misery, it’s hard not to think of Arab Strap being around to soundtrack it. So much of their output dealt with the utterly shit side of relationships that it was hard to actually pick a particular song to make it into this list, but my girlfriend suggested that it had to be this. …
  • Tuesday Ten: 2000 Ways of Getting Drunk

    17 Aug 2010, 18:04 by amodelofcontrol

    I seem to have been doing a lot of it this last few weeks - blame it on my birthday, in the main - and I've touched on this vaguely in the past, with a Tuesday Ten about the more general subject of drugs, but after a suggestion from my girlfriend, let's move onto songs about getting drunk. There are an awful lot of these, unsurprisingly, and some of those featured are on a Spotify Playlist as usual.

    Peace, Love & Pitbulls
    2000 ways of getting drunk
    Red Sonic Underwear

    One of the more unusual bands I've featured here, Joakim Thåström's Dutch-based industrial-ish wierdoes came up, it seems, with rather more ways of getting drunk than I could possibly think of. And I'd love to know what the 2000 are. What does this sound like? An unexpectedly calm, collected track in the circumstances, and one that doesn't really do this intriguing band much justice if you've never heard 'em before...

    Smashed (v2)

    Industrial dancefloor mayhem that most club dancefloors still haven't got bored of yet (four years old…
  • edgey interview (archive)

    15 May 2010, 09:20 by nexialist

    This is a slightly edited version of an interview from 2002 with drum n bass/industrial crossover artist Edgey titled „the dichotomy of the beat“, originally published in a music webzine at the time.

    What are the more harsh and abrasive tendencies in drum n bass all about? Let's touch base with the theory of noise and the practitioners of hard dnb. One of the most exciting qualities of drum n bass is ist ability to provide a structural basis in the shape of beats and tempi, which can be fleshed out in any possible stylistic manner and still remain drum n bass. So, just how far can you go? The possibilities remain endless, even with or because of the sprawling online community in which the most bizarre of fusions have progressed into potentially infinite microstyles. Polarization of styles is an inadvertent result of variation and is the next step towards categorization. Musical extremes pinpoint tendencies and developments.

    Being such a stylistically flexible platform…
  • Tuesday Twenty: My top 200 tracks 1990-99 Pt.03a: 120 to 101

    17 Nov 2009, 14:34 by amodelofcontrol

    Previously: My top 200 tracks 1990-99 Pt.01a: 200 to 181
    Previously: My top 200 tracks 1990-99 Pt.01b: 180 to 161
    Previously: My top 200 tracks 1990-99 Pt.02a: 160 to 141
    Previously: My top 200 tracks 1990-99 Pt.02b: 140 to 121

    Part three of my tracks of the 90s rundown: again split over two posts. The next forty will be posted on Friday.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Sir Psycho Sexy

    You may be forgiven for forgetting, but once upon a time the Chili Peppers were a funk-rock party band, that made everything they did sound enormous fun, with the exception of the odd ballad. And aside from the singles, they seriously went "out there" at points - like this, one of the closing tracks from BloodSugarSexMagik. It's lengthy, filthy, funny, and funky as hell. In fact, it pretty much sums up everything that was great about them (except some of the questionable lyrics), and what they've lost since in becoming stadium-rock bores...


    5 Oct 2009, 15:42 by no_conclusion

    The new Twilight Sad single comes with a Wedding Present cover as a b-side. You can stream both tracks as well as pre-order the 7" on Fat Cat site. The full-length Forget the Night Ahead is out now and available here. And it's pretty good. The Twilight Sad...

    Seven Years of Letters

    In case you're not familiar with The Wedding Present's original, it's an excellent song from one of their best albums - the Steve Albini-produced Seamonsters. Here:
    The Wedding Present - Suck
  • Tuesday Ten: Best of 2009 so far (Albums)

    30 Jun 2009, 15:26 by amodelofcontrol

    I don't usually do this, but as I've remembered - and there has been a fair amount of stuff to recommend - I'm taking a break from the usual Tuesday Ten subjects to do a rundown of ten albums and ten songs worth hearing from 2009 so far, as we reach the halfway point of the year (already!). They are, it should be added, in no particular order.

    Ok, so albums first, ten songs to follow on a seperate post.

    Depleted Uranium Weapons

    The first new material from SKET in a while, and it's a belter. A meticulously constructed concept album around the effects and legacy of the titular weapons, it comes in the usual Hards card slipcase with a booklet detailing the background behind some of the tracks and titles, and the whole album has a furious, apocalyptic feel that makes for an unsettling but riveting listen. I would recommend individual tracks but it's a difficult one with the whole album being so good.

    Alter Der Ruine
    The Giants From Far Away


    29 Jun 2009, 14:53 by no_conclusion

    PRE "...This is a wild album that brings to mind a ton of different bands; AIDSWolf (i think they might have put out some kind of split tour L.P together), Erasa errata, (leeds locals...Beards), Arab on Radar (...) Engineered by Steve Albini (looks like he's been getting some decent clients in recently) and mastered by the mighty Weasal Walter of xbxrx and The Flying Luttenbachers fame."

    27 May 2009, 05:38 by trevrfromhrtmdl

    Cerebral Metal Head reviewed Hurt Model's disc.. czech this out:


    if you can't bring yourself to click, just scroll:

    "I hung out with Hurt Model drummer Bennett Erickson at the L.A. Murderfest a few weeks ago, and he was wearing an old Demilich t-shirt. The first time I ever had a proper conversation with the guy, we geeked out over our mutual affection for The Dismemberment Plan. Once I saw Hurt Model play a tiny little Moroccan-themed bar, and each band member was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt in a different solid color.

    These facts are significant, because they suggest the same breadth of listening and quirkiness that I hear in Hurt Model's debut EP, This is You. Their heavy instru-metal reminds me of my younger self's favorite bands. There's the cycling dissonance of Trout Mask Replica-era Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band and the knotty jams (and snarky song titles) of early Don Caballero ; Dysrhythmia's tricky counterpoint…