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  • BenRogersWPG


    May 2013
  • Atreidezz

    The amount of talent this guy has is just amazing!

    May 2013
  • Konguboss

    I disagree crabcorecentral. :D

    April 2013
  • nEongelb

    SKRILLEX IS FKN OVERRATED [2] ~ love the elder scrolls dub by walking

    February 2013
  • halxion

    v skrillex is overrated

    January 2013
  • TheReaperGR

    Pokemon Dubstep FTW!!

    December 2012
  • Ivanmckt


    August 2012
  • Q459


    July 2012
  • GusAbreu

    "lol at chopin", kill yourself.

    February 2012
  • GusAbreu

    @JamesPhillips7 You must have grown up listening to really awful music to develop such a bad taste. Stop trying, dude. Your argument is invalid.

    February 2012
  • GusAbreu

    @JamesPhillips7 Your music library is garbage.

    February 2012
  • eatfingers

    @JamesPhillips7 such harsh words on a Friday evening? ^^

    November 2011
  • eatfingers

    @jamesphillips7 ...i see, you prefer rebecca black-friday

    November 2011
  • Sebeczek

    The Elder Scrolls Dubstep yay!

    November 2011
  • cosmicsoundsyo

    some of the best bass out there

    August 2011
  • turbo_cow

    Helm's Deep and the Seven Sages EP are pretty good. Love the collabs with Ephixa as well.

    June 2011