• A Wise, Effective, Trustful and Nice Bertels!

    15 Oct 2009, 20:31 by Bertels

    Tue 13 Oct – Covey sr. & Covey jr. Live! Beatrix Theatre, Utrecht.

    Some people find Coach Bertels rude, spastic, irresponsible and not social. Few speak out frankly and, by doing so, they hurt poor Bertels deep in his heart. Bertels is the kind of guy who laughs about it, but that’s just a wall he builds for not showing the humiliation and pain he feels when offended. Therefore Coach his emotional bank account has almost reached the level where dangerous psychological errors lure. It’s time to do something about that!
    Luckily Coach heard about this event where “work-on-your-self-gurus” Covey Senior and Junior themselves teach about The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (by Covey Senior) and The Speed of Trust (by Covey Junior), so Bertels informed, signed in and let the company pay for an Improved, Highly Effective and above all Trustworthy Coach!
    The day started early as Coach arranged a meet with Elkje at Central Station around seven to travel by train together. …