• Review: Stella Dawes - Contrasts

    14 Nov 2009, 21:59 by Mr_Gren

    Seriously, why have Stella Dawes not been signed yet? A clutch of glowing reviews like theirs, and you might have expected someone major to have taken notice by now.
    I first received my copy of 'Contrasts', their debut full-length in the summer of 2008. Boy was I excited. I'd been keenly following this band for a while, ever since vocalist Mike Shakespeare, ferreting his way around Myspace one day, politely messaged a bunch of like-minded people in my area asking us to check out his band. Words such as 'Mare', 'Eden' and 'Maine' were bandied around, and I've been in love ever since.
    I had known the album had been in production for a while. Mike and guitarist James Barter were taking on the entire process themselves, fitting it around day jobs, so a delay was to be expected. But when it came, I was stunned. Two tracks, 'Dichotomy' and 'Everything Happens to Eeyore' had been favourites for a while, and the recently previewed 'Happy Ever Afternoon' and 'The Unspeakable' had satiated my desire for new material…
  • Stella Dawes - Contrasts

    15 Mar 2009, 14:25 by garydavidson83

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    CD REVIEW:Stella Dawes Contrasts

    “a sound so beefy that it makes your Sunday roast taste like quorn substitute.”
    Gary D - UKMU

    With the demise of Beecher and Eden Maine the UK scene lost a huge chunk of its creative core. The shoes of these acts would be hard to fill but Stella Dawes have pounced from a fresh angle with their album “Contrasts” creating a sound so beefy that it makes your Sunday roast taste like quorn substitute.

    The album welcomes you in with a short echoing guitar before the first full song “Happy Ever Afternoon” bursts out and grabs you by the back of the head. The song does not let up with some fantastic riffing guitar work surrounded by the pounding rhythm and battering vocals. The moments in the song that slow down still contain twisted guitar and passionate vocals which you know is just going to erupt again at any moment.