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  • Avatar for Cali4nia83
    "Twist my fingers, this song BANGS!" lol
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    Twist my fingers, this song BANGS! I love how it fits right in the time period that it came out.
  • Avatar for djsweetlips1971
    solifelio does not know much. so sorry but man seriously.
  • Avatar for marjo47
    Beards are back in fashion and so are Steely Dan, great.
  • Avatar for ladycaroledowns
    That's why i was laughing :-P :-DD
  • Avatar for jembf
    There's one bushy beard in there, I see :-P :-DD
  • Avatar for ladycaroledowns
  • Avatar for rockandrolljoe
  • Avatar for supermediadave
    Amazing is good too.
  • Avatar for RedjMusic
    greatest album
  • Avatar for cjfreckles
    great concert in Cincinnati
  • Avatar for Bandit17C
    Killer guitar riff.
  • Avatar for TantoTempo
    Turn that heartbeat over again....
  • Avatar for gilliananne
    still reeling in the years...
  • Avatar for marjo47
    Me also!
  • Avatar for Elyssyan
    Always enjoy hearing this....♥
  • Avatar for vveerrgg
    A bit of age and a bit of perspective... let me tell you, this song is EPIC and so true to the age of youth and the freedom it brings. Didn't quite get it as a kid... but now as an adult... woah!
  • Avatar for sofielio
    I never understood their popularity. Very overrated.
  • Avatar for CanYouBlush
    true story......the names have been changed (to I and you) to protect the innocent!!!
  • Avatar for ThePowerStation
  • Avatar for wwg3
    first listened to this coming back to the world
  • Avatar for MongolianHound
    Get in!
  • Avatar for SajinKai
    I hate talking verses...they ruin songs... x.x
  • Avatar for flamencodave
    One of the single greatest radio hits of all time! I just read a Donald interview, and he's finally tired of playing this. As a gigster, I totally understand, even though I love it just like everybody else.
  • Avatar for hollyheer
  • Avatar for redhotburrito
    Hey, BlueOClock -- well, some believed me, but many did not....the jury is still out!
  • Avatar for exeter232
    "After all the things we've done and seen, You find another man The things you think are useless, I can't understand" What man couldn't relate? I related then, I relate now lol
  • Avatar for abunono
    Many participants at the Martha Mary miles and we could also collect donations for a hospital in Mozambique ... now it's back to the desk!
  • Avatar for CidaDuarteF
    Thanks Dave!!!!!
  • Avatar for BlueOclock
    Did they believe you?
  • Avatar for redhotburrito
    Hey, I was telling everyone I was a genius since I was seventeen!
  • Avatar for LunaLunchen
    The opening of this song...always gives ma a relaxed feeling. Love it
  • Avatar for BlueOclock
    Great song by one of the best bands ever!
  • Avatar for nick_honest
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Awesome tune!.. Steely Dan are great!..Always had the best session musicians gigging on all their albums!
  • Avatar for johnnyboy999
    My total fave track for drumming practice... WOWSA!!
  • Avatar for coloronthewalls
    this is my jam.
  • Avatar for TantoTempo
    You know they don't give a fuck about anybody else.
  • Avatar for prinzcharles8
    einfach genial
  • Avatar for janiewfac
    Takes me back to High School...SD was a welcome change from the other eighties junk...term used loosely...
  • Avatar for johnnycoco73
    MY JAM!
  • Avatar for canyon_lady
    you wouldn't know a diamond if you held it in your handddd
  • Avatar for escarabat94
  • Avatar for kujo839
    very good voices and a brilliant guitar the drummer seems to be an immigrant
  • Avatar for Ginormous621
    Elliott Randall played lead on this track, not Skunk Baxter.
  • Avatar for Mactele52
    Yeah, why would you fade out when the guitar is cooking!!!
  • Avatar for MisterRobbie
    Kinda sucks when your song fades out in the middle of an awesome guitar solo.
  • Avatar for lottadogs
    this is such a great song. love love love it :-) <3<3
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    1973 flashback
  • Avatar for redtidefred
    one of the greats........


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