• Flogging a dead horse

    13 May 2007, 10:10 by Lardygirl

    I've been bothered by a bit of an itch to my scalp some time now, and being a bit of an exema baby (big baby now) I called my doctor, and asked if he could prescribe me some kind of liquid hydro cortisone to sort this rash. "Make sure its some kind of alcohol, so that it's not an emulsion, or some kind of balm" I told him, so that it would be something I could put on without getting my already kind of flat hair all greasy. He could, of course, and after visiting one pharmacy, and they told me this was not in stock - I ordered it to be delivered to pharmacy closest to me. So yesterday, I decided to take a walk and pick this up.
    Hand over my card to pharmacy lady - and after a couple of minutes, she's back with a huge brown glass bottle, looking like an old fashioned cough syrup bottle, and she looks seriously at me, and asks: "Is this intended for you?", and I again explain how I got the prescription. She continues, and shows me the bottle "See, this is for veterinairy use". …
  • Caught a Lite Sneeze

    10 Feb 2007, 23:59 by silas216

    OK, bamgrrl, I had a really good alibi as to why I couldn't complete this meme in a timely manner. It was a real doozy, complete with all kinds of aliens and death rays and kaiju eiga and trolls invading Shakespeare's Sister and fire and death and ...

    Never mind. It'll take too long to explain.

    I listened to your radio station and here's what it said:

    * I'm Your Man
    OK, I admit, I've never really listened a Leonard Cohen album before, so this probably wasn't the right track to begin with. Honestly, I had this picture of Lurch from The Addams Family singing in a smoky bar.

    * Devil's Radio
    I liked this track. I'm not a big Beatles fan, but I really dug this song.

    * Deer Dance
    Ooooooooook, this one was just silly.

    * Los Twangueros
    Aaaaawwww yeeeaaahhhh. I dig me some Ry Cooder. Buena Vista Social Club is one of my favorite albums.

    * Dutchess And The Proverbial Mind Spread
    Not a Primus fan, but this was interesting. It's got a real Link Wray feel to it, if Link took some happy pills.