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  • Avatar for robveiga
    Good sound , good song
  • Avatar for Nephthys_Rising
    <3 Hands up if you have an ex called Sara ;)
  • Avatar for SoporAeternus- name...but the way Sara is spelled in my country sounds different.
  • Avatar for sidney_adv
    Gosto muito!
  • Avatar for csfernandez1977
    Excelente !!!
  • Avatar for licoricepizza
    I'll see YOUR "Sara", and raise you Fleetwood Mac's "Sara". :D
  • Avatar for vanilla_boy1
    Very nice, with a heroic feeling if anyone 'catches my drift.'
  • Avatar for SkullPandy
    Brings back so many warm fuzzy memories. :)
  • Avatar for Thee_Manimal
    Well played !!!
  • Avatar for pinkbuick
    My name is Sarah, and people used to sing this to me all the time. I was so embarrassed! Now, years later, it's a great song!
  • Avatar for greenvillepa
    Un romántico de siempre...
  • Avatar for wolle121
    finde das Lied klasse
  • Avatar for mmaattaakk
  • Avatar for towhomitmaycon
    that intro is pure nostalgia
  • Avatar for linzi76
    xx ℓσνє тнιѕ xx
  • Avatar for nitehawk868
    Good tune....Good Video!!!!
  • Avatar for mellymelly987
    junior high all over again.
  • Avatar for lolita42
    What a song !!!! I really, really love it, Is taking me back to that time in my life when love was all I ever wanted in my life.
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
    What a Beautiful Song...I wish i knew a girl name Sara so i can sing this to her...
  • Avatar for darkpearI
    Lovely, classic.
  • Avatar for riverliffey
    LOL @Retro_Saiyan!
  • Avatar for sirthorty this type of music soooo much. Reminds me to a fantastic time...
  • Avatar for greenvillepa
    Great song ! Sweet !
  • Avatar for Ana_Nimos
    love it
  • Avatar for deann1960
    grace slick never sounded so good.
  • Avatar for Thermalbad
    Ich liebe diese Musik............:))))))))))))
  • Avatar for towhomitmaycon
    Ooh wee 80's love scene magic,STORMS CLOUDING UP IN YOUR EYES
  • Avatar for Retro_Saiyan
    This song is better than the clothes you are currently wearing.
  • Avatar for tonystuff
    lol......funny track......SARA!!!!!!
  • Avatar for easyrider3975
    I agree Beautiful Song
  • Avatar for jetgar
    BEAUTIFUL SONG......;-)
  • Avatar for Bee4Cee
    great music - pure romance ...
  • Avatar for tipper42
    A timeless song from a timeless group.
  • Avatar for Bee4Cee
    time to relax
  • Avatar for AW80sROCK
    oh man, haven't heard this one in ages.
  • Avatar for crocy2
    kuschel..kuschel Song...
  • Avatar for Thermalbad
    oh !!......Sara.........:))))))))))))))
  • Avatar for okpank
    Better!? King of the Pirates!
  • Avatar for jo4nny
    Mom rock at its finest.
  • Avatar for lenon005
  • Avatar for okpank
    Low lit room blues!
  • Avatar for R4f4el
    Ouvi nas recomendações do pra mim e gostei
  • Avatar for crazykaz02
    This is the original version im listening to
  • Avatar for Trostan
    Wheres the better version? This ones not bad but I'm convinced it isn't just my ears deceiving me
  • Avatar for Herky1975
    ein toller Klassiker.
  • Avatar for pogopatterson
    Is it just me, or is the point tcogley makes about all these sixties bands taking "money from the man", a recurrent one?
  • Avatar for ttangel
    [T]ara. [T]ara. Storms are brewing in your eyes. [T]ara. [T]ara. . No time is a goodtime for goodbyes.


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