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  • Avatar for last_nickname
    hoyl shit [3]
  • Avatar for OrangeRomeda
  • Avatar for moderaterock
    hoyl shit [2]
  • Avatar for Sooperglitcher
    Very Derivative. [1]
  • Avatar for cleverpseudo
  • Avatar for AmbientDowntemp
    Sounds like main titles from Blade Runner a background music while Deckard is speaking
  • Avatar for Oliahim
    Ominous foreboding.
  • Avatar for CHRISTIANALEK
    very beautiful
  • Avatar for kempo23
    i hear Eno, but it's bigger.
  • Avatar for y2penni
  • Avatar for veiledsongbird
    Too Awesome!!
  • Avatar for cleverity
    ok i fixed them and this is amazing. so so so amazing. hoyl shit.
  • Avatar for cleverity
    i think my speakers are fucked up
  • Avatar for muraliavarma
    It's raining over here in my city. It is all dark and gloomy. I sense impending doom.
  • Avatar for muraliavarma
    Reminds me of the greatest scene in movie history - 'The' scene in Shawshank Redemption
  • Avatar for cliquott
    I'm floOOoating.
  • Avatar for DidacticPress
    It's like the ebb and flow of civilizations...of progress...It's beautiful and tragic.
  • Avatar for nickau58
    reminds me of starwars
  • Avatar for kanetoad
  • Avatar for spilled_milk
    'A hella chill song which makes me feel like a chill bro.' [2]
  • Avatar for konvexkonkav
    For sure androids dream of electric sheep
  • Avatar for passionjames
  • Avatar for karel007
    Brian Eno gives me peace inside. I don't know how he does it but it works all the time. I can also recommand his "song" always returning.....
  • Avatar for baldshianne
    : O
  • Avatar for pauljinks
    Two months later and I'm definitely :D
  • Avatar for pauljinks
    first I was :-| ... but then I was more |8-)
  • Avatar for Tallboy7
    Max Richter radio wins again
  • Avatar for atland16
    Good music for digestion and what comes after...
  • Avatar for volcanobear
    ...listening to SOTL and watching deep in my conscience...
  • Avatar for mwiltsch2009
    immer gut! matwil.
  • Avatar for PiterPain
  • Avatar for InASafePlace
    I'm wordless
  • Avatar for equilibristas
    Hermoso definitivamente
  • Avatar for MYCAGES
  • Avatar for DarkMogwai
    Both hopeful and nostalgic...
  • Avatar for Goyaresque
  • Avatar for sunslide
  • Avatar for sideBe
    oh, it is good
  • Avatar for sunslide
    Love this. meditative.
  • Avatar for Knifymoloko
    wow this is gorgeous
  • Avatar for pifflola
    the track that made me fall in love with them ♥

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