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  • p_o_l_i_s_w_a_g

    cosmic drift

    yesterday evening
  • KConn3711

    The Farting Preacher told me to listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me2H7Ja93Wg

    last month
  • bazzza1975

    Best band in the world.

    April 2014
  • m-saIami

    This track scares my cat like nothing else... Ideal to calm her down.

    November 2013
  • drussellsdct


    October 2013
  • sianandjames

    So good it distracted me from my marking

    February 2013
  • flavor_country

    and it's straight up heartwarming that there's a person out there who actually prays to this

    February 2013
  • flavor_country

    for some reason i had and their refinement playing while watching 9/11 footage a couple years ago (i understand this is weird but the internet+substances just be like that sometimes), and this one particularly fit it so well that the association remains. it's really sort of eerie

    February 2013
  • renardeargent


    December 2012
  • Ali-Red

    it is now burned into my mind, I have no regrets though

    September 2012
  • m-saIami


    August 2012
  • YoFaaaWay

    "nice chill late night song in the background while working or praying." Or praying. OR PRAYING. YEAH, I DON'T THINK SO, GOD REQUIRES SILENCE WHEN HE TALKING TO YOU.

    August 2012
  • subatomicdreams


    August 2012
  • The909Virus

    This is incredible

    May 2012
  • Ignitrakill

    Fuck yeah!!! This is what guitarscapes is all about. They say that you don't need pedals to make good music.. prove them wrong.

    August 2011
  • reyesb76

    their use of guitar here is so precise, it sounds like an orchestra in parts. and to the person below who thinks this took an easy 40m to make, Adam has stated in interviews that he usually spends about 6 to 12 months on each track.

    June 2011

    This music makes my eyelids heavy but I like it nonetheless.

    June 2011
  • Sanja_R


    June 2011
  • veiledsongbird

    I Love Stars of the Lid. ;o)

    March 2011
  • clohehokjo

    chotko @ derzko

    February 2011
  • Timppa2000

    vv lol praying

    October 2010
  • hamboman

    @wilsonloop all it needs is some screaching cliffracers

    September 2010
  • vangelicmonk

    nice chill late night song in the background while working or praying.

    August 2010
  • BaliSurfer


    July 2010
  • globbones

    just sublime!

    April 2010
  • cat_at

    I like it.

    March 2010
  • JosephAlfonse


    March 2010
  • Jamesnelms


    March 2010
  • feelinthesky

    cool... http://www.last.fm/music/Patrick%2520Lavoie/Mycelium?ac=patrick%20lav

    February 2010
  • PoeTattoo


    January 2010
  • Craigsly

    Pretty great

    January 2010
  • beachtune

    Silence...consistent. So much said with less...

    January 2010
  • passionjames


    January 2010
  • goodnightowl

    "Excuse me?" he asked quietly. " She carried on sitting and would not look up. "Excuse me?" again, and she closed her eyes. Then she was not there anymore but floating somewhere else like driftwood. He was there too, fixing the car, making the dinner, driving her home. "Is this your father?" she heard in some faraway place that somehow wasn't connected to her anymore. "Is this your father?" Then she could not fly anymore and was again sitting down staring at the the shell. The shell of a man, of a soul, of her father. "Yes"

    December 2009
  • pimmka


    November 2009
  • spilled_milk

    so ethereal

    October 2009
  • ThomasBrownTip


    September 2009
  • globbones

    my lid is off and its all pouring out......

    September 2009
  • spilled_milk


    September 2009
  • General_Tso

    the greatest music on the planet, that's what [2]

    August 2009
  • inthekingdom19

    what the fuck am i listening to

    August 2009
  • _ino

    wanna be floating while dreaming with this track

    July 2009
  • TigerStatic

    Unsettling beauty

    June 2009
  • simoja

    Excellent piece of music. I really enjoyed listening to this.

    April 2009
  • GodManTouch

    This is good

    April 2009
  • Sarkoni

    "If there was a song to describe eternity, this would be it. " This.

    February 2009
  • rayculz


    December 2008
  • nihilismexe

    If there was a song to describe eternity, this would be it.

    November 2008
  • sgabroz


    November 2008
  • pistolato

    She gave it another ten seconds. ‘Is there anything else I can offer you?’ ‘No, not just yet.’ ‘I could ask one of our lovely dancers to sit with you if you wish.’ ‘I’m waiting for someone.’ She opened her arms. Her breasts looked lovely under the silk. ‘I am someone, someone very nice to keep you company.’ ‘Actually, the someone I’m looking for is a man.’ She leaned over the bar. ‘Then, monsieur, you are in the wrong place.’ He looked up in the mirror above the bar. Portrait of a forty something chap in a tweed sports jacket and loose fitting tie, propped at the bar of a strip club in Lausanne, Switzerland. Like being there and not there at the same time. His eyes fell from the mirror. ‘Funny you should say that, mademoiselle.’

    July 2008