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This name has been used by more than one artist…

1. Starpower was an American indie/punk band from the mid 1990's who released one single on the Kill Rock Stars label and also made a couple of appearances on compilations. Members were Arik, Gilly Ann Hanner and Scott.

2. StarPower from New York's premier, most influential underground hip-hop collective, The Dugout. Thank you and you're welcome.

3. After The Primitives broke up in 1992, band members Paul Court and Tig Williams formed Starpower. Releasing a 7" "Turn My World" b/w a cover of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's "I Won't Hurt You" in 1993 and a 12" in 1994, "Drifter" b/w a cover of Nancy & Lee's "Some Velvet Morning" featuring none other than Tracy Tracy of The Primitives.

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