• Daily checks

    3 May 2011, 14:23 by liftarn

    Some artist needs to be almost daily checked as some people upload various strange pictures there as they share the name with various non-artist concepts.

    The fist to check is Soundtrack. Usually it's related to Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain. I've heard that it is due to a popular pirated copy of it is tagged with Soundtrack as the artist. The files are also write protected so persons with low computer skills may not be able to fix the tags. Also check the related Soundtracks and Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

    Some other generic non-artists that needs to be checked are Video Games, Theme Songs and Videogames.

    Hairspray is a house group. Some people like to upload movie posters for the movie with the same name.

    Several artists are called Wicked. Some people like to upload posters for the musical by Stephen Schwartz with the same name (see Wicked (Original Broadway Cast)).

    Some people like to upload pictures of building to Original Broadway Cast.

  • Teh bestest new bandzor evah!!!1 *APPLICANTS AND SUGGESTIONS NEEDED*

    4 Nov 2007, 07:04 by Cagnazzo

    After being shamelessly rejected from Justd1e and Necr0phili0's new band - a band of gryym, hateful, frostbitten, pagan, trve, kvlt, and nekrobobsledding blakkened elitist proportions - I decided that what better alternative then to, out of spite, start my very own band, which I promise to be moar trve than their lameass affair - incidentally, it just so happens to be a nu-metal (the truest form of metal) band.

    I'm still thinking on good names for our band, and it has to be spelled incorrectly. EG: If we decide on the name "Crazy Mofo Players", it must instead be "Krazymofoplayaz", so the average suburban white teen can relate with us. I've come up with some songs myself, and they include "I Hate (My Parents)", "Jumpdafuckupwitme" (which uses a sample from Soulfly's song Jumpdafuckup), and "Miserable and Angsty"

    Looking for in particular (absolutely no musical talent required), with other suggestions for the band being helpful: