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St. Vincent

Your Lips Are Red (4:41)


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  • I love how maniacal and sinister she sounds in this song. It's absolutely magnetic.
  • "Your Lips Are Crimson". Could be a King Crimson song perfectly :)
  • That piano is fucking hilarious. LOVE THE INTENSITY.
  • This is just immense live.
  • Only one human can make you think of King Crimson, Sufjan Stevens, and Nick Cave in the same song... and make it sound original...
  • wow
  • the way that the chaotic sound in the first half of the song completely transitions into the gorgeous and heart melting second half of the song is just... perfect. she is pure genius.
  • I love how disjointed and chaotic this song is. Super addicting to listen to, and the end is heavenly.
  • Yep, very Bowie, not just Aladdin Sane but the beginning reminds me of the always amazing Sweet Thing.
  • Your skin so fair, it's not fair...
  • One of the best tracks on Marry Me, for sure. [2]
  • The last two minutes blow my mind. So does what comes before it actually, but in a different way.
  • The eclectic piano bits make the song seem very Waits-esque. Waits fans will probably disagree though.
  • One of the best tracks on Marry Me, for sure.
  • I really wish she had more badass songs like this one
  • 4:03- THAT NOTE. this was painfully beautiful to witness live
  • the beginning of this song is almost exactly the end of pyramid song
  • Just when I thought I couldn't love this song more than I already do, I saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFrCIVoVj7A
  • I've just realized that this is the same pianist *.*
  • Piano is inspired by Alladin Sane, the whole song is very bowie but even more sexual
  • My face is drawn on with this number 2 pencil!
  • Reminds of of Black Rainbow...only reverse.
  • gorgeousssssssssssss
  • I love the acoustic part in it..... your skin.....
  • second half of this song KILLS.
  • it's impossible for me to love this song more than I already do.
  • Your skin's so fair it's not fair. <3
  • last part is like MAGIC
  • The last part of this song makes my heart beat faster.
  • her voice is so fair it's really ridiculously unfair
  • a big <3 [2]
  • a big <3
  • <3
  • You skin's so fair, it's not fair....
  • Hell yeah!
  • doodlebob
  • reminds me of that spongebob episode
  • i loved the live performance of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1F7Ul0t-Qw
  • <3
  • LOVe
  • This song is amazing! Best on the album.
  • love
  • ah yes...

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