• Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 2

    27 Feb 2009, 18:55 by CvaldaVessalis

    What a difference a month makes, eh? I don't know about you but 2009 has been quite the shit year so far; if it's not personal upheavals at home/work, then it's another natural disaster, civil uprising or celebrity succumbing to cancer flooding the news. This alongside having to contend with intellectually reprehensible Reality TV shows that, in spite of all of their horribleness, remain compulsively watchable. And if I even begin to start on American Idol, I'll never finish, so... It was also, of course, awards season too, one which saw Coldplay, Duffy and A.R. Rahman (with the rather fabulous Slumdog Millionaire score) in particular hoover up the competition and leave the full bag outside for the crows to slowly rip apart. With all this in mind, I'm keen to treat the end of February as the unofficial start to the new year, complete with a brand new iPod Classic and thirty albums to listen to. Those brave enough to read what I have to say can find the critiques below for their sleep-inducing pleasure... you have been warned!
  • Facebook Collection Impressions: #5, Hip-Hop

    24 Aug 2006, 20:14 by Charron

    This one's tough for me, since I don't like hip-hop. It's tempting to just shrug it off and say that everything here sucks, don't listen to it, but then I'd be shirking my self-imposed duties. Besides, there are people out there who do like hip-hop, and it's only fair that I review every pack whether I like it or not. So, here's my impressions of the songs currently inflating these artists' listening charts.

    1. Chamillionaire - Still Tippin: Exactly the sorta stuff I figured it would be. Actually, it's a bit more placid than I would expect, since I was under the impression he did "gangsta" rap. Seems to like that scratching effect.

    2. Boss, Dougie D., Jay'ton, Lil B. & Trae - Gimmie the Mic (S.L.A.B.ed): Seems to blend three common elements of hip-hop, as I'm familiar with them: remixing, collaboration, and that high guitar-like loop.

    3. One Block Radius - Black Mercedes: It's hip-hop, certainly, but it's got more of a rock/pop structure than the last few songs, which puts it more in my sort of listening. …