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  • i'd prefer OPN now
  • also, when it comes to transition, cohesion and just overall quality, hello everything is his masterpiece.
  • I was just wondering why I dont have more plays of him, and then it dawned on me
  • Thing I find with Sqpshr is that its hard to get through a whole album of his, because even though he will have great tracks here and there, at some point in the album he always digresses into some form of random offputting wankery or just a frankly uninteresting track, and it kinda kills your boner for the rest of the album
  • "Fat Controller" immortal track!
  • Start from the beginning :) [3] That's the best answer :)
  • esse cara é foda! só tem ele e afx na warp
  • Start from the beginning :) [2]
  • I've got two tickets to see him @ Troxy on the 24th (this Saturday!). They were £25 each, but am open to offers.
  • I consider "Ultravisitor" his best album so far
  • Autechre are WAY better.
  • Just a Souvenir is a fucking awesome album!!! Planet Gear and Quadrature are both superb.
  • But his latest, Damogen Furies is definitely not to be dissed.
  • v Start from the beginning :) Everyone has their own favorite really, I think he evolves his style with pretty much every album (for better and for worse). If going by how I personally enjoy his albums as a whole, Big Loada probably comes out on top.
  • Any recommendations with what album I should start out with?
  • Honestly, Music for Robots, Ufabulum and Damogen Furies are my favorite albums from mr pusher. the man's been making some absolute gold lately. :D
  • and yes, The EP 'Music for Robots' should TOTALLY get more love.. [2]
  • the last album is a beast, come on !!
  • He has ditched everything about his music I used to love. I just don't think his latest offerings are interesting to listen to at all. Well produced yes, by a very talented and capable artist yes, but I have to force myself to listen and I just don't enjoy it on any level.
  • I'm sure he still has plenty of top tracks to release
  • I just want him to make a totally surprising thing again, like Ultravisitor.
  • Feed Me Weird Things is one of the best Electronic albums I've listened to. Hell, Damogen Furies is one of my favorite albums of this year so far. No one fucks with Tom Jenkinson and his fucking sound.
  • okay i'm taking my words about rayc fire back since i just realized that track is actually made of four samples. or even three. damn.
  • The EP 'Music for Robots' should TOTALLY get more love..
  • The heavy polka influence on latest album is awesome.
  • Rectangleadvancer
  • I dont give this guy nearly enough album is dope
  • New album is definitely one of his best, amazing stuff.
  • i'm in love
  • Ya know what, the more I listen to it, the more I like his cover of Just Like Heaven, not even mad at it for one second.
  • I am by no means an IDM stan or anything (look through my charts, I'm a very play-it-safe indie kind of guy) but I am enjoying this new album.
  • also, music for robots is very, very neat stuff. musically, a work much more massive than computer controlled acoustic instruments which actually shares the same concept if you think about it.
  • well, not "almost mono", but rayc fire would sound sooooo much better with some panning. or maybe i'm too stupid to get it. duh.
  • what should i do to start liking his new synths and almost mono production?
  • Stor Eiglass == Just Like Heaven of The Cure.
  • album is damn fine if you leave out just like heaven [2]
  • New album review:
  • "boring noise." LOL. [2]
  • "boring noise." LOL.
  • more random boring noise
  • New album is SEX.
  • Where's my Jaw!? haha Loves this..........
  • Yep, just heard the new album on NPR First Listen. Totally made my morning. Makes me VERY sad I'm not going to be able to see him live while he's in my neighborhood this month.
  • album is damn fine if you leave out just like heaven
  • NPR has the album streaming in whole over here, check it out! It's actually surprisingly good so far.
  • "Damogen Furies" sounds amazing. Pretty cohesive stuff, so the singles sounds much better on the album context. It's much more focused (and too dragged out on the length) than Ufabulum too.
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  • This dude sure does push the envelope!
  • Live set at Barbican was pretty sweet yesterday - any recordings floating about anywhere?


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