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  • Avatar for CapricornSun33
    The fact that these guys have a shit ton of albums and don't even have 2 million plays is disappointing. These guys are seriously underrated. (2) I agree with you but keep in mind that listeners are mainly indie rock/Pitchfork listeners rather than jazz or jazz fusion listeners.
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  • Avatar for iPowers
    The fact that these guys have a shit ton of albums and don't even have 2 million plays is disappointing. These guys are seriously underrated.
  • Avatar for BBraveCMR
    You guys into Bajofondo too? New album "Presente" is a collection of so many amazing sounds.
  • Avatar for unaccounted4
    yeah, total dadcore.
  • Avatar for iPowers
    My favorite jazz group <3
  • Avatar for annmiras
    love shaker song
  • Avatar for CuntyWunty
    Nice band
  • Avatar for studman69
    just awful
  • Avatar for SmokinWickerman
    Asked for Jazz Fusion with a kawaii feel to it, this is what I got :P
  • Avatar for Research-
    Awesome drummer! ^_^
  • Avatar for JackBrando
    I remember when i first heard your sound in HS. It turned me onto jazz. I also loved the seemed cool and cryptic
  • Avatar for mangar9
    loved and still love listening to spyrogyra for all these 25 years
  • Avatar for luctan52
    this is poetry; notes bounce and pouce caress and enthrall each beat make a heart beat slide instead. from the feet, to the head, you want to hear....but you feel instead!
  • Avatar for reimusho
  • Avatar for GeeForce01
    this is top klass
  • Avatar for Mike_Yorke
    cooooool stuff :-))
  • Avatar for kijul
    where's the Down The Wire album?
  • Avatar for Jaggaemusiq
  • Avatar for ilya-fm
    оч позитивная музыка
  • Avatar for iPowers
    I used to love this band back when i was a kid before I found what music I really liked. Great band. Even though i don't listen to jazz on my computer anymore, i'll always respect this band.
  • Avatar for lastffm
    ...hab 'access all areas' sicher schon 100 mal gehö ist eine der Platten, die ich auf ne einsame Insel mitnehmen würde...genial..
  • Avatar for katakomba555 spyrogyra rar free ,more jazz...
  • Avatar for imbuteria
    pay for radio please come tell us you will do in: .
  • Avatar for jarobe4
  • Avatar for dougfather
    nothing beats spyro gyra
  • Avatar for 1770
    Just great on this Saturday morning working...just gets the creative juices flowing!
  • Avatar for Otokichi
    Check out "Baby It's Cold Outside" from the "A Night Before Christmas" CD release. Janis Siegel and Bonny B romp through this "Stay hither/It's time to go" Frank Loesser song.
  • Avatar for BottaBass
    Hey there! Listen to: and leave a comment on my brand new tracks! Hope you enjoy them!
  • Avatar for Bexator
    I dont understand why "Fast Forward is considered by many to be their worst album" (Whatever). I think its a wonderful piece of work!
  • Avatar for blues89dia
    imagenes del alma;sentimientos hechos musica,alegria sueños,cielos llenos de estrellas.
  • Avatar for gakko
    Believe it or not, but in the 1980´s these guys were supposed to be the good guys! A true evidence that times are actually changing! At least they are hiding their more visual 80´s atributes, like unbelievable pink clothes, corny smiles, hairspray and similar stuff that you probably can´t even find in caliphonia anymore.
  • Avatar for louman
    Old San Juan, now!
  • Avatar for mirkelam
    This guys perfect...I listening always from 1986..Viva Spyro Gyra..
  • Avatar for ricare
    Great album to enjoy with a mixture of jazz sound and instruments.
  • Avatar for purple_prince
    Crap moderator's short cut. Last FM will never sort these things out.
  • Avatar for trinainmanila
    First heard this on my cousin's tape recorder when I was 12 years old. I'm now almost 32 and still listening to it. :D
  • Avatar for myinak
    is this the band which participate in Jazz Up The Beatles album?? they play 'In My Life'..
  • Avatar for t3hSurge
    Fast Forward is by far your best album. I love spyro gyra XD~
  • Avatar for rootdabbler
    So we have to mis-tag our music in order for the system to distinguish between these two bands? A fine set up you have here =P
  • Avatar for DiosChiton
    es la neta...
  • Avatar for s2art1
    This band are ridiculously catchy.
  • Avatar for OZZ-Works
    Read the Descripton !!! Change your tag to Spiro Gyra
  • Avatar for mother_gong
    OMG Spyro Gyra - I never listened to this band, I'm a huge fan of Spirogyra (folk band) and keeps scobbling it as 'Spyro Gyra'. what can i do?
  • Avatar for gwaedh
    I just can't stop listening to Spyro Gyra's songs!!
  • Avatar for TobiBeescht
    For the folk band, see
  • Avatar for meana
    This site is horrible in regards to similarly named bands... i agree.
  • Avatar for DreamTrax
    We LOVE Spyro Gyra !!! Spyro Gyra is GREAT !!
  • Avatar for jazzkeys
    Spyro Gyra ROCKS!!!
  • Avatar for LaFleurDuMal
    yeah, what sodastreamer said. >.<


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