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  • mrmayamuse


    November 2014
  • prominence_la


    September 2012
  • XDRory

    Thank you Scrubs for introducing me to this song which introduced me to Spoon <3

    April 2012
  • killjoybing

    The best song I've ever heard!..

    April 2012
  • AGuyInATie

    never heard this spoon track...may be my new favorite

    February 2012
  • itellunit

    Can't get over how much I love this song.

    January 2012
  • Druid66

    I love Austin bands, and this one is justly praised for its wit and melodic invention.

    December 2011
  • Rjscheuerle

    Favorite spoon song.

    December 2011
  • bern4dette

    mmmm yeah

    July 2011
  • ViZZY6

    strapped-up soldiers, they'll lock you in a cage with apple pie! ;D

    June 2011
  • mrpaul01

    This song puts a big grin on my face every time!

    June 2011
  • LINK2K9

    I agree, seeing and hearing this live made me fall in love with them.

    November 2010
  • Scareee_Potter

    This was their best live track. The band would be rolling through the song and then everything would stop except for Britt and his acoustic guitar.

    November 2010
  • my_uhhh

    the kick drum + snare on this song really makes this song. but the whole song is fuckin amazing.

    October 2010
  • rulebysecrecy

    I need a release, the signal's a cough... :)

    October 2010
  • jackedup4444

    Best Spoon song? I think so

    September 2010
  • laralah

    It´s in my top ten songs of Spoon.

    August 2010
  • frivgigs

    I summon you to appear my love

    June 2010
  • danmoe

    this is one of my favourite songs EVER. i just love it

    February 2010
  • honoraryhearts

    man, almost forgot about this song. so good.

    January 2010
  • beristar28

    my winter song =)

    November 2009
  • kc_meag42

    Love this. <3!!!! I summon you....

    August 2009
  • cheesesandwich

    i summon y'all

    June 2009
  • Lastbuncker

    It sounds like a good times.

    March 2009
  • limperatrice

    My favorite part = un-huh...mmmm...oh-oh. I love this song so much!

    February 2009
  • aircod1

    very very good

    January 2009
  • davepriz

    happy and sad....amazing

    November 2008
  • Dusty_McGee

    I feel like an idiot... but I just got this and how come I cant listen to certain songs.. and some songs I can only listen to for 30 seconds? This is def my fave spoon song and i cant even listen to it on here!

    September 2008
  • dopemoves

    Simply Fab!

    March 2008
  • gimmetinnitus

    Britt does I Summon You in a black cab:

    February 2008
  • ColeHamels

    awesome song

    February 2008
  • ScReaMaS

    Once it gets in your head, you can't get it out... One of Spoon's best.

    February 2008
  • kristenbrutus

    in honour of my last shout on this awesome song, yesterday, jim also made it 3 times better (even though i love love love britt)

    January 2008
  • rainsoaked

    the acoustic demo is one of my most favourite ever songs.

    January 2008
  • viscera84 it!!!

    January 2008
  • megsupafly


    December 2007
  • kiramydeara

    I can't wait to see them on the 15th!

    November 2007
  • spoons025

    i can't even begin to describe how much i love this song

    November 2007
  • chronicplutonic

    this is how desperation and loneliness should be done

    November 2007
  • kristenbrutus

    jim makes this song 3 times betterrrrr

    October 2007
  • dturgentbyrne

    Buttsnake, how can this song make you happy ANY make me cry (out of sadness)? Is it just the magic of Spoon?

    September 2007
  • Whisk3y

    Favorite song by them. So sweet.

    August 2007
  • mrjoe

    I hadn't listened to Spoon in over a year and then I heard this on Scrubs. So good, so very good.

    May 2007
  • randomWANKER

    What a song! Totally addicted!

    April 2007
  • ManakoChan

    my god.. it's so perfect !

    April 2007
  • Buttsnake

    This song makes me happy.

    April 2007
  • Lirba

    Can't stop listening! I'm addicted to it.

    February 2007
  • rooneyeatsit

    This song is flawless. Just perfect.

    January 2007
  • autarkic

    can't beat this song for singing while biking in the portland rain.

    January 2007
  • dantheman3d3

    love this song

    December 2006