• Sponge - Rotting Pinata: An Under Appreciated Album

    6 Oct 2011, 03:12 by aztalanturf

    Sponge's debut album, Rotting Pinata, was released way back in 1994 and it's always been an album I could listen to from start to finish, repeatedly, even after *gasp* 17 years - one of the pleasant surprise purchases I bought after seeing Molly (Sixteen Candles) on MTV. You know, back when MTV played music. Soundgarden's Superunknown was another great album I bought during that era, which I bought only because I liked Black Hole Sun.

    I brought Rotting Pinata out for a spin on my run tonight and was reminded just how good it is, collectively. If you have this album in your collection, it's worth dusting it off, getting some good headphones, and finding a dark room for uninterrupted listening.

    You may remember singles Molly (Sixteen Candles) and Rainin' and you probably know Plowed, as it seems to have had a fairly lengthy shelf-life on rock radio. Despite the fact that they did have a few hits, including Wax Ecstatic on their sophomore effort…