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  • As Blood!
  • Autopsy of a Love это нечто
  • <3
  • Зе нейм Владимир невер саундед со хот! [6]
  • Зе нейм Владимир невер саундед со хот! [5]
  • Their music is so haunting.
  • Зе нейм Владимир невер саундед со хот! [4]
  • Зе нейм Владимир невер саундед со хот! [3]
  • Зе нейм Владимир невер саундед со хот! [2]
  • Зе нейм Владимир невер саундед со хот!
  • Эш лайс инсайд оф ми, эш лайс инсайд оф ми, энд олл эраунд май дисэнчентед лайф.
  • I mean cmon, my love wont fade was awesome, lucifer sounds like a fucking collaboration with HIM and I cant even recall any other song from LL split CMON
  • And pls change your label because both LPs from rustblade where released in such ugly and un-professional way that its not even acceptable for any serious band, not mention a project with such a following cult like SF.
  • Split with Lydia Lunch was a fucking garbage.
  • great live.!!
  • My Name Is Written in the Ashes
  • Too good!!!
  • Vladinir central North wind
  • Видео по фильму "Таксист" под музыку "jesus died in las vegas"
  • Dear Lucifer is amazing!
  • dear lucifer oh ho
  • Зе екзикейшнерс тук зе айконс эвей.
  • Vladimir Central, Vladimir Central
  • My love won't fade.
  • Hey, can anyone suggest something similar to style in "Love Through Vaseline"? That track really got me, but I can't pinpoint exact style used.
  • I have a secret crush on Simone :x
  • Айм стилл дестинд ту ю, айм стилл дестинд ту юуу
  • Владимир сентрал, Владимир сентрал, донт стап лавин зис чейнс
  • ВлАдимир сентрал, ВлАдимир сентрал, плиз донт фогет ту май нейм
  • Every man has the right to fail...
  • i discovered SF through ROME, so... they both have the ambient/experimental feeling to their songs, although ROME's songs feel much more political/historical, whereas SF's songs are really different than that, haha. they both fit into the umbrella of neofolk/neoclassical/martial, so i guess that's why?
  • Perhaps, the music is very familiar with each other, secondly, most people who listen to Spiritual Front are listening to Rome as well and backwards.
  • totally different from Rome.. how can you compare Rome to SF? buh
  • Great, in my opinion Rome is better, though.
  • his music is great!
  • Choose death ♥
  • All the uniforms are shit All the ideals are shit
  • please don't forget to my name ♥
  • Очень годно.
  • Vladimir Central ♥
  • Rotten Roma Casino is one of my favourite albums of all time, so good.
  • Facebook:
  • Владимирский централ прям за душу берет
  • impressing
  • They sound really sexy
  • Their new album is fucking awesome!
  • Emotional kick. They have amazed me once again
  • Rotten Roma Casino это вещь
  • Saw Simone Salvatori's solo performance opening for Death in June last year, it was so beautiful.


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