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Amateur Hour (3:37)


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  • utterly sublime. the angsty half-forgotten adolescent memories that i once associated with this song still bubble up as this truly unique / beautifully pure & bittersweet sensation every time i play it
  • Yes indeed! Superb.
  • Long live Mael brothers !
  • fan-bloody-tastic
  • Incredible band who stunned and amazed me with their innovative originality in the 70's, magnificent
  • Awesome.
  • Reminds me on something I would hear from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • These guys have the best promo photos of all time.
  • Brilliant vocals !!!!! [2] Very talently build up.
  • Last.fm theme tune?
  • I love this!!!!
  • Has anyone here ever seen a movie called "Rollercoaster," which was released in 1977? Sparks made an appearance in it.
  • A reminder that we need a band of "crazy" people back in the charts.
  • THE. BEST.
  • I grew up listening to Sparks what a class act Ron @ russell mael are. Brilliant vocals !!!!! what a great stare !!!
  • forgot about these guys... that dude with the shirt and tie... you know, with the pencil thin mustache... ALWAYS FREAKED ME OUT !
  • I can't believe I overlooked these guys for so long.
  • nicht übel
  • I fucking love this.
  • <3
  • Looking at things from a different point of view.
  • i have allways had a funny feeling about this group but i like them
  • Great music of a great era of music styles.
  • wow
  • Great band.
  • I am blown away
  • Why was this band not HUGE? *le sigh* So much fun!
  • GREAT !!!
  • "She can show you what you must do, to be more like people better than you." :)
  • still good!
  • So good and renovating
  • sagenhaft superklasse !!!!!! Toll
  • I saw these guys on one of those TV concerts in the mid 70s and have been a fan ever since. Lots of great songs.
  • WOW! That's fab!
  • "girls grow tops to go topless in"
  • I JUST heard about these guys... can't believe how awesome they are...
  • Hehe ... this gets better every time I hear it. Hahah. :)
  • theres a lot of that on EBAY
  • Ha ha! Awesome.
  • love love love this one!
  • Hehehehe. :) The lyrics are so cute though brilliant.
  • Still excellent.
  • out there and still left of centre, No band like em
  • <3
  • featuring Hitlers love child
  • Classic..
  • she tells you so.....
  • Wow..never heard this band before. Im into it!
  • These clowns owe me money!
  • on and on


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