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sparklingdaylight@gmail.com sparklingdaylight@gmail.com
[url]www.paywithatweet.com/pay/?id=c682dd9220bbf8ce43cfda80948b12dd[/url] [url]www.paywithatweet.com/pay/?id=c682dd9220bbf8ce43cfda80948b12dd[/url]
[placeformed]Bandung, Indonesia[/placeformed] [placeformed]Bandung, Indonesia[/placeformed]
[yearformed]2007[/yearformed] [yearformed]2007[/yearformed]

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Sparkle Afternoon is an Indonesian band (according to the band’s own definition) with ,, , and elements. The name is derived from the bright-bright afternoon in 19th December 2007. The band consists of Ratih Kemala Dewi (vocals), Diki Setiadi (guitar), Warna Kurnia (bass), Yogie Riyanto, Dina (keyboard) and Tedy Wijaya (drums). Original keyboardist Dina left in May 2007. After all we meet Rizka Rahmawaty appointed as Sparkle Afternoon young keyboardist. A band from Bandung, Indonesia, with a musical style that is described as a combination of pop and minimalist sound (with shoegaze, post rock and dream pop influences) like Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Maybeshewill, God Is An Astronaut, Asobi Seksu, Highspire, pg.lost, also Mew And now we are entering for EP and LP Album after released a split album We Sit Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun in The Sparkle Afternoon in 2010 For more information Sparkle Afternoon on Twitter Sparkle Afternoon on MySpace Email sparklingdaylight@gmail.com Official Site http://new.official.fm/sparkleafternoon Bandung, Indonesia 2007