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    14 Jan 2014, 14:53 by tr4ncejunki3

  • TranceSound.net presents TranceSound Festival 2012

    14 Oct 2012, 17:30 by trancesound

    TranceSound.net presents TranceSound Festival 2012

    TranceSound.net presents TranceSound Festival 2012 - 7 year anniversary

    TranceSound Festival 2012 will take place online, being an annual radio event broadcasted for 3 days in a row from 00:00 am on Friday the 19th of October to 24:00 on Sunday the 21st of October. As you normally know, TranceSound Festival is the annual TranceSound.net’s celebration, becoming a real and incredible music festival for all EDM minded people. In it’s 7th year already, TranceSound.net literally got it’s own massive support and and endless music data base, acting as a major backbone of today’s TRANCE experience.

    Together we have put in place a stellar line-up which will give you a great pleasure listening the whole event, gathering a number of 72 artists (Djs and producers) within the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and EMI (Electronic Music Industry) spectrum for 72 hours straight with Djs and producers from labels such as Black Hole, Armada, Enhanced…
  • Phynn presents In Your Heart and Torque on Armada Music

    7 Jul 2012, 14:51 by trancesound

    Phynn presents In Your Heart and Torque on Armada Music

    After creating stellar remixes for the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz and Richard Durand, Dutch producer Phynn now makes his debut on Armada’s S107. With heavy instrumental ‘Torque’ and the tender sounds of ‘In Your Heart’ ft. Jets Overhead, he puts himself right back on the map of trance land!

    Within only a few years, Phynn had became one of EDM’s most promising talents. Opening shows for the likes of Tiësto, seeing his ‘Lucid’, ‘Close Encounter’ and ‘Escape’ supported by all the biggies, and having his first solo album ‘Metamorphosis’ released in 2008. His latest release, after a short time of contemplating his success, shows he hasn’t lost his spark.

    Together with singer Antonia Freybe-Smith of Canadian band Jets Overhead, he takes us to the warm sound of prog-trance on ‘In Your Heart’. An intense, warming tune with catchy vocals and the right amount of energy to get the crowd going. …
  • Aropa Records presents Best Of 2011 released on Armada Music

    26 Dec 2011, 14:04 by trancesound

    Aropa Records presents Best Of 2011 released on Armada Music

    The label of Dash Berlin has had an excellent year. With Dash Berlin rising to number 8 in the DJ Mag and their ‘Better Half of Me’ and ‘Disarm Yourself’ singles hitting in high, the Dutch DJ/producer looks back to a year filled with highlights. When it comes to musical highlights, it was his Aropa label that sparkled brightest and hit in hardest.

    The highlights of Space Rockerz, Scott Lowe, Duncan Brewer & Dan Winter, Faruk Sabanci and of course Dash Berlin himself, can be found on the year’s overview of the Aropa label. For all the Aropa lovers, enjoy these timeless beats!





    26 Dec 2010, 17:40 by Addicted2Melody


    Here we are again. Another 12 months have well and truly disappeared, another 12 months spent soaking up the world of electronic music.

    On a personal level it’s been a much better year but, musically, a year where changing circumstance and focus have gradually altered by listening and scrobbling habits. That’s not to say that I’m listening to less music, just taking it in new ways. I’m listening to a lot more music on the move to and from work, so podcasts have become my main way of consuming new music. And with less time available for endlessly searching for new music, finding the best trance music for my DJing has taken priority over hunting for new albums from right across the electronic smorgasbord. In fact, my DJing has come on leaps and bounds this year, thanks in no small part to really making trance my main focus.

    So with changes in my listening habits come changes in my obligatory review of the year journal. …