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  1. Half Man Half Machine is Ben's solo project.
    He was previously a member of the Armageddon Action Figures.
    He is currently releasing music with…

  2. There are multiple bands known as The Charms, including:

    1. Otis Williams & the Charms - an American doo-wop vocal group in the 1950s, who were…

  3. Garage-beat music from Cologne.
    60's northwest garage meets Rock'n'Roll and awareness of style.

  4. Armageddon Action Figures - 1 = Abominable Slowmen
    Armageddon Action Figures - 2 = Half Man Half Machine

  5. For two decades, The Woggles have marched forth from Georgia like Sherman in reverse, leveling nightclubs with their hip-shaking,…

  6. Cherry Overdrive is a hard working, upcoming Copenhagen based all-female rocking combo. Cherry Overdrive deliver straight-up garage with a 60’s…

  7. At least 11 bands are named The Strollers:

    1) A doo-wop group from New York. They are well known with their 1961-single 'Come On Over'.

    2) An UK…

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