• Top 50 of 2008

    10 Jan 2009, 16:49 by Oryem

    #Last YearNamePlaysIncrease/Decrease
    236Tori Amos74634
    34Britney Spears6391

    As usual I listened to a lot of Madonna this year - particularly her latest album Hard Candy which was not as enjoyable as

    Confessions on a Dancefloor but had a few great tracks namely 4 Minutes, Miles Away, Dance 2Night, Beat Goes On and Heartbeat. Overall it's a pretty forgettable album and hopefully she'll come up with something a bit more unique next time.

    I got my third Tori Amos album this year Under the Pink which is great but Scarlet's walk will always get heavy rotation on Ory FM.

    I haven't purchased Britney's latest album Circus but I loved Blackout which is a crazy good album. Break The Ice is my most played song ever on my itunes.

    65Nelly Furtado266-1
    7NEWJanet Jackson251NEW
  • Album reviews

    13 Aug 2007, 22:10 by Grosseteste

    Joe Zawinul, the Bee Gees, Erroll Garner, Jaco Pastorius, and Albert Hammond.

    Does it work? Surprisingly, I think that it mostly does. She's well supported by pianist Julian Joseph, Steve Smith on guitar, Matthew Barley on 'cello (also the arranger and producer), and a trio of percussionists. It's not easy to get hold of, for some reason, but well worth a try. I've been waiting some time for a follow up, so far without any luck.

    Sevara Nazarkhan: Yol Bolsin

    There's enough here to make me want to hear the real thing -- but the traditional songs are swamped by layers of soft-pop; not just electric guitars and keyboards, but "loops" and "additional sonic treatment". In so far as "world music" means anything beyond marketing departments' chauvinistic desire to lump together inconveniently diverse genres into one homogeneous lump, it probably means this: the tendency to throw everything in together so that rich cultural traditions become just elements in the mix…